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    Forrest Gump for the 200th times


    It's still the BEST movie I ever seen in my entire life!!
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    how did it get post twice? I only posted it once!!

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    Forrest Gump for the 200th times


    It's still the BEST movie I ever seen in my entire life!!
    200 times!?
    sounds like it's the only movie you've watched in your entire life
    might be time for you to watch a second one, that way you'll have something to compare it with
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    Forrest Gump for the 200th times


    It's still the BEST movie I ever seen in my entire life!!
    200 times!?
    sounds like it's the only movie you've watched in your entire life
    might be time for you to watch a second one, that way you'll have something to compare it with
    I did watch FARGO 100 times! That's the 2nd BEST movie I ever seen in my entire life!!

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    Forrest Gump for the 200th times


    It's still the BEST movie I ever seen in my entire life!!
    200 times!?
    sounds like it's the only movie you've watched in your entire life
    might be time for you to watch a second one, that way you'll have something to compare it with
    :-)) Yup, that made me laugh
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    Le Marginal
    Jean Paul Belmondo kicking arse and taking names Bronson style, in a movie that is better than 90% of Bronsons efforts in the same vigilante genre. When it came to plot structure, somehow Bronson and his collaborators nearly always managed to mess up somewhere along the line, no such problems here
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    Knight and Day

    This one is a great summer action/comedy flick that is just entertaining. There's nothing challenging about this film, but that's pretty much the point. Tom Cruise is as entertaining as ever, playing off of his recent public persona as well as his action hero roles. He and Cameron Diaz have great chemistry on screen, and that's all that is really needed in this film.

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    The Hound Of The Baskervilles
    the first of the Basil Rathbone "Sherlock Holmes" films and far superior to most of those that followed
    this is the real deal with Holmes turning on the deductive power and the hound getting a decent work out in the finale
    Nigel Bruce and Richard Greene also do a good job of holding down the fort while Holmes is inconveniently absent for the middle third
    a detective story that also manages to take advantage of the Victorian fascination with mysticism and the 30s fascination with the horror genre
    classic line
    Holmes - "Now if you'll excuse me, I've had a hard day, Watson, bring the needle"

    The Tin Star
    a classic Hollywood western that deserves to be considered among the best in the genre
    Henry Fonda is the disillusioned vetran sheriff turned bounty hunter
    Anthony Perkins the idealistic novice sheriff
    with John McIntyre as the Doc
    Neville Brand as the town bully
    and Lee Van Cleef the outlaw

    Pickup On South Street
    vintage Richard Widmark as the cynical pickpocket who inadvertently becomes involved in an espionage caper
    Jean Peters is the feisty dame who eventually succumbs to his dubious charms
    while Thelma Ritter delivers a memorable supporting roll as the local snitch
    I was particularly facinated by Widmarks abode in this film,
    from one perspective a one room wooden shack with no plumbing in the docklands
    on the other hand, being at the end of a jetty, up on pilings over the water, with the beer cooling in a crate on the end of a rope down under the water... when he was reclining on a sleeping bag on the floating side deck, out under the stars, as the girl comes down the steps... I almost wished I could live there...
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    I watched x-men First Class last night, an amazing movie and I for one have always championed Fassbender for Bond way back in 2004 but yes, Fassbender and Vaughn have the chops to be the new Connery and Terrence Young respectively. I find it almost strange that FC was a much sexier film than many Bond films especially more so than QoS but anyway, Fassbender in the early part of the film was just oozing 60s cool, the suits the swagger the confidence and the lethal cruelty in his actions mannerisms and voice and then the swim suit he wore to get on board Shaw's boat was an instant throwback to thunderball.

    Dammit! I love Craig but I want Fassbender in the role immediately! He has to be cast as Bond after Craig, otherwise this would be the most tragic casting that never happened.

    EON, take effing note!
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    I've spent some time in the company of 3 of my favourite lasses. Kicking of the first of 2 vintages:

    The Doll That Took The Town (1958)

    Virna Lisi stars as a struggling model who cooks up a false rape claim, and finds herself at the heart of a media tornado which sees an innocent man arrested and her career skyrocket. Cracks begin to show when the wife of the acused shows up claiming her husband isn't that kind of man.

    19. Virna Lisi
    1. How To Murder Your Wife (1965)
    2. The Doll That Took The Town (1958) **NM**
    3. Casanova '70 (1965)
    4. La Reine Margot (1994)
    5. The Secret Of Santa Vittoria (1969)
    6. Assault On A Queen (1966)


    Sweet Ecstasy (1962)

    Another vintage before Hollywood film, this time it's blonde beauty Elke Sommer. Seriously, this film needs a health warning. That guy, the one who got to roll around on the beach with Sommer, talk about lucky.

    16. Elke Sommer
    1. Lisa And The Devil (1973)
    2. Deadlier Than The Male (1967)
    3. Baron Blood (1972)
    4. Carry On Behind (1976)
    5. Daniella By Night (1962)
    6. Sweet Ecstasy (1962) **NE**
    7. A Shot In The Dark (1964)


    Solomon Kane (2009)

    Rounding out my trilogy viewing with something modern. I'd neer heard of Solomon Kane before this film, let alone the comics, but I must say I throughly enjoyed this slice of (medieval?) action. This film has a neat group of talent assembled in both seasond and up-and-coming, from Purefoy (in the title role), Max on Sydow, the late Pete Postlethwaite, Alice Krige, and of course Rachel Hurd -Wood. According to the IMDB, this was planned as the first of a trilogy, despite the already 2 year gap, I wouldn't object to another Solomon Kane film.

    Rachel Hurd-Wood
    1. Solomon Kane (2009) **NM**
    2. Peter Pan (2003)
    3. An American Haunting (2005)
    4. Perfume: Story Of A Murderer (2006)
    5. Dorian Gray (2009)
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    Batman Forever (1995)

    A far better entry than the first two Batman flicks, the movie is still very much a comic book story and it's weakness is the same as the previous entries, everything is over the top. Joel Schumacher did manage to make the most with his budget on the visual side, and the quality of the actors is more obvious, perhaps because of the better script. I've never been much of a fan of Jim Carrey, but he wasn't that bad as the Riddler since his acting is always over the top and for once, it was a pre-requisite for the character. Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face was fair, it was interesting to see him portray a villain as I'm more accustomed to see him as a cop or some kind of good character. Val Kilmer seemed to do a better job than Keaton, and to my surprise, I quite enjoyed Nicole Kidman's performance and I thought I'd never say that. Chris O'Donnell wasn't very useful in this movie but I suppose the whole sidekick had been such an aspect in the TV series and cartoons that they felt it was time to explore this in the film series as well. Debi Mazar was hilarious as a supposed to be sexy bimbo as well. I felt that the flow of the story was far superior to the original two, and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't find myself bored to death and regretting missing the first period of the Canucks-Bruins hockey game. I may actually re-watch this one some time, if I feel like watching some popcorn flick or re-watching the series. The original two don't stand a chance though.

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    @CoH_GHOST_007 WHAT!?!?! oh, you inly saw the first 30 minutes ahhh THAT explains it :-D Haaaaaaannnnnnnnnngggggggg onnnnnnnn..... WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    @j7wild FORREST GUMP :-W REALLY?!?!?!

    @Luds, thank you for the batman reviews, (even though you have a completely different idea than ever other reviewer had). Pity there might not be a fourth one. It would be pretty interesting to see how Nolan would do Robbin
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    Drive Angry


    Avoid this film at all cost if you value your time and life!!
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    Saw a preview of Kung-Fu Panda 2 over the weekend. It was unexpectedly awesome, and a relief to see a summer sequel building on the story and characters of the first, rather than lazily replicating them.

    Here's my full review:
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    Eagle has landed 4/6......sloooooow until the end and even then not that great , dont expect WED greatness.

    Man from H.K 4/6......GL back again in
    another fu adventure , passable fare nothing more.......prolly liked Stoner bit more. Also Wang Yu is not much of a martial artist tbh.

    Scary Movie 4/6.......retarded fun , teen humor basically. Some gags fun , some not.

    Valhalla 4.5/6......pretty good animated flick about the Norse mythology. Sadly it flopped overseas so no sequels. There were 15 issues made of this comic , Im gonna get em all one day. The humor is similar to Asterix.......
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    Prefer the style of B89/BR over BF........oh well.
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    The Girl In Gold Boots....

    granted - it was the MST3K episode - but still - it counts lol :-D
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    Good Luck Chuck 7.0
    Jumper 6.0 I expect more from it, but it be a set up movie what made Jumper 2 should deliever. Strange it take til 2013 before we get a squel if you already know what you whant. So a litle bit of dejavu, because with QOS we also get a set up.
    Armored (2009) 6.0

    Tropic Thunder 8.0 WoW. I haven't seen a good comedy/action movie like this for a whyle =D>

    Transporter 3 7.0 I consider as the best of the 3 movies.
    17 Again. 7.0

    Crank 2: High Voltage 5.0 Almost a 4. Only a 5 because the movie starts literal where the first movie end. Also a part of the plot oke, but i get it on my nerves from the handcam (Lucky there be careful with cinematopgraphy, what be a big problem for me with Transporter 2) and mexican actor from the first movie. Also the movie be a close to not ending where we wait for the whole movie, lucky this channel give about the end credits, if not then you don't know hjow it end after the actor showing his middle finger to us. Weard. : X_X

    DVD: Monster House 7.5

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    RocknRolla, pretty good film 7.5/10.
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    Vanishing on 7th Street

    Stay Away from this - another Post Apocalyptic crappy movie with Heavy Religious undertones like Book of Eli and inept characters (you need light to keep the creatures in the dark away and you don't have enough flashlights and batteries? there are a million things you can set on fire safely to create light sources but you don't!!)
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    Recently watched Case 39 and Haunting in Connecticut. Both good movies, but I think Case 39 had the edge.
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    three movies that revolve around the interaction of a small group of characters thrown together by chance in the face of immanent overwhelming danger
    three movies where that immanent overwhelming danger is provided by the American Indian

    The Last Wagon
    Richard Widmark, at the height of his career, plays a man who is past being conflicted, he has chosen his path and paid a heavy price
    he begins the movie on the run from a posse of four and the audience don't know why, as we watch the action unfold he manages to kill three deputies before the sheriff finally gets the better on him
    we learn he killed three men, brothers of the sheriff (at this point you might ask why doesn't the sheriff kill him outright, which they cover off by saying there is a reward of $1,000 for him alive but not dead, which is a little thin, but hey, it's a movie, later you may wonder why the killing of the three deputies is never mentioned, as if perhaps killing deputies while resisting arrest doesn't count as murder, it's almost as if the three deputies are surrogates for the three brothers who are killed off screen before the movie begins, setting the posse on Widmarks trail)
    Widmark and his captor fall in with a wagon train of devout Christians heading west looking for a clean start after the horror of the civil war
    they take exception to the sheriffs sadistic treatment of Widmark and much character development ensues before a scuffle in which Widmark emphatically disposes of the sheriff, and he is eventually allowed to reveal that the sheriff's no account brothers raped and killed his Indian wife
    most of the interaction between Widmark and the wagon train has been with the younger crowd, who are less set in their ideas, and now it is arranged for them all to be conveniently out of camp while the faceless horde of Indians massacre the adults
    somehow Widmark survives, despite being attached to a wagon wheel that was pushed over a cliff... and he is left to try and lead the small group of youthful survivors to safety against overwhelming odds, while educating them in the ways of racial tolerance along the way, in between well staged action scenes involving manageable numbers of hostiles
    so the characters undertake both a physical and a metaphorical journey if you will
    however the ending is pure Hollywood, explosives arrive to provide the great equaliser and a kindly judge sentences Widmark to spend the rest of his life in the custody of one of the nubile young women he has saved
    presumably they go off to live happily ever after (with her little brother) in Widmarks wigwam (although I think he had another term for the Indian tent dwelling)
    the scenery is magnificent and our perspective of it is enhanced by the fact that much of the movie is set half way up the side of the mountainous valley where the action is set
    the Indians are used as a faceless plot device representing danger, however their historical plight is also well represented and advocated by Widmark, the white man who has lived long among them

    Only The Valiant
    Greg Peck is perfectly suited to the role of straight arrow Cavalry Officer
    the Indians are on the warpath and Peck captures their leader, rather than kill him outright he brings him back to stand trial, only the fort is under manned and won't be able to hold him when the Indians come to try and free him
    Peck plans to try and take the Chief on to another fort, thus removing the danger, but the colonel is sick and needs him to hold the fort, so poor old Gig Young draws the short straw
    Gig had been trying to make a move on Greg's girl and everyone thinks Greg has arranged for Gig to be sent on this suicide mission out of spite
    Gig duly gets massacred and Greg's name is mud, particularly with the girlfriend
    the Indians are massing for an attack and the Cavalry don't have the numbers to hold them at the main fort, however Greg has a plan
    there is another small stone fort at the mouth of a narrow pass which the Indians must use, so Greg will lead a small band of men to try and hold the pass until the reinforcements arrive
    Greg proceeds to select all the men in the fort who hate his guts for various reasons, as his detail for this suicide mission
    Neville Brand is the bully sergeant who has been passed over for promotion (by Greg)
    Ward Bond is the drunken Irish corporal who Greg tries to keep from his grog
    then there is a guy who reminded me of Sterling Hayden who flunked out of West Point and blames Greg, another guy who looks a bit like John Payne who is a confederate and a deserter, a cowardly bugle boy, a bronchial lieutenant and, most bizarre of all, a giant Armenian "Arab" strongman who survived Gigs fatal mission
    after they arrive at the stone fort much character development and plot twisting ensues, in between action clashes with the faceless Indian horde
    I think there may be one brief mention as to why the Indians are on the warpath, but essentially they are in this movie purely as a plot device for danger
    despite some outdoor distance shots most of the film feels very stagy, the main sets at the stone fort and the narrow rocky pass are cramped and claustrophobic and there is something about the reverb sound quality... It's probably done on purpose but I don't think it quite achieves the effect intended
    the ending is pure Hollywood, Greg had intended to over come the odds with explosives, but one of his treacherous colleagues sabotages that, so it's left to the Cavalry (well who else) to ride in and save him with a gattling gun, although not before Greg gets to face off mano-e-mano with the Indian Chief, then it's back to the fort, where Greg finds he has inherited command from the sick Colonel and his girlfriend has come to her senses

    Comanche Station
    Randolph Scott at his stone-like best, as usual the colour is provided by the supporting actors
    Claude Akins is very good in the main role, as the villainous protagonist who does most of the talking in counterpoint to Scott's man of few words
    here he comes across like a poor mans Robert Mitchum, with the deep voice and deceptively relaxed demeanour that Mitchum brought to his own occasional ventures into villainy
    here Scott has rescued a white woman by trade from the Indians, he meets up with Akins and his two young acolytes at Comanche Station, where they learn that scalp hunters have been at work nearby and set the Indians on the warpath, thrown together they must try to survive, with the added knowledge that the woman's husband has offered a large reward for her return... dead or alive
    much character development and plot twisting ensues
    the Indians here favour the Mohawk hairstyle, which has always been one of my favourites and IMO we don't see enough of it outside of the last of the Mohecans
    although the Indians are mainly here to represent a plot device for danger, both sides of the larger sociological coin are presented indirectly during the exchanges between the characters, with Scott vehemently opposed to scalp hunters and respectful in his dealings with the Indians
    in the end the mystery of the husband and the reward are ingeniously explained and Randolph rides off alone to continue his own forlorn search
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    Last movie I watched was Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back. As good today as it was when I was little, and was completely obsessed with SW.
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    Batman Forever (1995)

    Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face was fair, it was interesting to see him portray a villain as I'm more accustomed to see him as a cop or some kind of good character.
    IMO you can see him as a villain to best effect in "Under Siege"

    personally I find the "Batman Returns" to be the most enjoyable of that series, I think Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer are very good in their roles, and I enjoy Michael Keatons understated Batman, it's just a pity Tim Burton doesn't handle action scenes well

    the third one goes too far for my taste

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    I'm with you Seve! Batman Returns is an awesome movie, and Jim Carrey steals the movie as The Riddler. All of his scenes are hilarious!
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    Le Solitaire
    Jean Paul Belmondo takes his "Dirty Harry" persona deep into the heart of eighties fashion
    putting off a planned early retirement to the Carribean in order to track down the man who killed his partner
    only in France could a Police Superintendant get away with wearing the bright yellow sports jacket Belmondo wears here (or could he?)
    and his detective team are even worse, looking like sartorial escapees from a bad episode of Miami Vice
    outside the office Belmondo still favours the black leather jacket though, and the action is still pretty gritty, but backs off a bit from the dizzy heights of Le Marginal
    and this time Belmondo does it by the book in the end, bringing the murderer to justice and resisting the urge to blow him away, despite being presented with the opportunity (excuse?) of favourable circumstances in which to do so with a clear concience
    perhaps the attitude was toned down to try and mitigate criticism from the liberal press of his vigilante stance in that earlier movie, rather like when the original "Harry" made some adjustments in his second outing in order demonstrate that he wasn't a complete red neck
    however a Pug is no substitute for an armour plated Mustang
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    Enemy at the Gates (For the fourth time)
    - Well it took me nearly a year and a half to find this on DVD, seen it twice since i bought it, including today.
    It is an absolutely brilliant world war II film, depicting two snipers, one German, one Russian, who are hunting eachother throughout. From the brutal and horrific battle for Stalingrad near the start of the movie to the end face-off duel of the two snipers, it is a great and entertaining telling of a "true" story set in 1943, i'd recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed the film: 'saving private ryan'.

    10/10 - A true WWII experience, which inspired many moments from many of the Call of Duty games.

    (Ps: Yey! For my 100th post as a member! :D)

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    Took mini benny to see POTC On Stranger Tides yesterday.
    Having recently viewed the first three, the new movie was a must with us. I thought it was as good as the original, and better than the previous two.
    Love Johnny Depps Captain Jack Sparrow and he's given more screen-time in this one, than the last couple. as usual these films are pure fun and rank almost as highly as Harry Potter for spectacle and enjoyment. Strangely we were the only two who watched the credits all the way through to see the scene that follows. Mini benny was worried we'd get locked in, or told off for staying.
    A good boys night out.
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    I went to see POTC on Stanger Tides nearly two weeks ago, having only seen the first one. I must say, I really liked not having to worry about not having seen 2 or 3, since it wasn't completely connected to the middle two.
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    Another update, peeps...

    Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) - the best family action/ adventure of the last 30 years? You better believe it
    Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1984) - a step down from Raiders certainly, but darker, intriguing and full of a hell of a lot of fun
    X-Men: First Class (2011) - Oh-so cool, early '60s setting, decent acting (especially from the eternal Kevin Bacon) and smart directing by Matthew Vaughn ensure this is easily the best X-Men effort
    The Damned United (2009) - a fine recreation of legendary football manager Brian Clough's infamously disastrous 44 days at Leeds United, with yet another impressive central performance from 'impersonator extraordinaire' Michael Sheen
    Brazil (1985) - Terry Gilliam's dystopian fantasy thriller; unquestionably Orwellian, rather unsetling and very satisfying

    The flicks I've watched in 2011

    CW = Cinema watch
    FW = First watch
    RW = Re-watch

    5 out of 5 ~ *****
    Elizabeth (1998) RW
    The King's Speech (2010) CW/ FW
    Layer Cake (2004) FW
    Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) RW
    They Shoot Horses, Don't They (1969) FW
    WALL.E (2008) RW

    4 out of 5 ~ ****
    Alpha Male (2006) RW
    Beverly Hills Cop (1984) RW
    Brazil (1985) RW
    Los Cronocrímenes (Timecrimes) (2007) FW
    The Damned United (2009) FW
    The Darjeeling Limited (2007) FW
    The Departed (2006) RW
    An Education (2009) FW
    Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom RW
    The Killing Fields (1984) FW
    The Last King Of Scotland (2006) FW
    Scener ur ett äktenskap (Scenes From A Marriage) (1973) FW
    Det sjunde inseglet (The Seventh Seal) (1957) FW
    X-Men: First Class (2011) CW/ FW

    3 out of 5 ~ ***
    Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) RW
    Birthday Girl (2001) FW
    Brideshead Revisited (2008) FW
    Cote d'Azur (Cockles And Mussels) (2005) FW
    Escape To Victory (1981) RW
    Female Agents (2008) FW
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) FW
    Genova (2008) FW
    The Ghost Writer (2010) FW
    Girl With A Pearl Earring (2003) RW
    Hallam Foe (2007) FW
    Hope Springs (2003) FW
    Monkey Business (1952) RW
    Octopussy (1983) RW
    Proof (2005) FW
    Quantum Of Solace (2008) RW
    Les Rivières Pourpres (The Crimson Rivers) (2000) FW
    Sweet Charity (1969) FW
    Trust The Man (2005) FW

    2 out of 5 ~ **
    Cocktail (1988) RW
    Déficit (2007) FW
    Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009) FW
    Night Watch (1995) RW

    1 out of 5 ~ *
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