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    Live and Let Die and the
    behind-the-scenes book that
    would never be published


    I'm actually surprised Cubby allowed this to get printed given his tight control of the franchise. Perhaps Saltzman being the lead producer on that film had some influence on that.
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    I watched an old episode of Arkitektenes Hjem (The Architects Homes) this morning, which dedicates episodes talking to Norwegian architects, their projects and homes. In this episode, which features architect Einar Jarmund, there’s a brief mention about a project done by his architect firm, where a client wanted «a place that looks like a place one could film a James Bond film.» The result was the Edge House.


    More photos can be found here.
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    Sweet Bond Black Seedless Grapes

    Named after James Bond, Sweet Bond has a large grape size, firm in texture,
    very juicy and also sweet in taste.
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    Maybe posted already.

    James Bond Vs. Godzilla (feat. Rami Fortis) (05:41)
    by Red Axes

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    This week's London Review of Books has a review of the new biography of J. Edgar Hoover, and it includes the following passage:
    Roosevelt agreed to let the FBI take responsibility for foreign espionage – something Hoover badly wanted – though the bureau was so inept at first that you wonder if any agent had even read The Thirty-Nine Steps. In the lead-up to the war, Gage writes, British intelligence had to teach FBI agents the basics of setting up foreign outposts and running double agents. At Camp X in Toronto, MI6 officers instructed Americans ‘in the arts of sabotage, self-defence and secret codes’. In exchange, the FBI turned a ‘blind eye to British activities on US soil’. Ian Fleming, posted to Washington, didn’t take to Hoover – ‘a chunky enigmatic man with slope eyes and a trap of a mouth’. British intelligence generally considered him out of his depth, if sufficiently discreet to be trusted with secrets.

    The Fleming quote is from his 1957 review of The F.B.I. Story.
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    Is it me or some of the plot points in 'XXX: The Return of Xander Cage' resembled some elements in the Moonraker novel? (Might be far from the film, as it doesn't include space thing, although the missile launch was aimed at Planet Mars).

    Watching at least the second half of the film, and it involved a rocket missile (the scientists dying inside the laboratory after the missile launch), then there's a woman who's also going undercover.
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    French singer Mouloudji mentioned James Bond once in a song called Les Beatles de 40

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    Casino Royale ranked 23 on the TIME 100 list of Mystery/Thriller books. The only Fleming mentioned, but no author is repeated on the list. https://time.com/collection/best-mystery-thriller-books/
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    If I understand that correctly, the TIME list contains what they consider the 100 best. But the order is by year of publication. And if I count the covers represented, CR is at 21. But only because the other 79 are more recent. But maybe I missed some of the connected articles dealing with what all of this was abut.
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    j_w_pepper wrote: »
    If I understand that correctly, the TIME list contains what they consider the 100 best. But the order is by year of publication. And if I count the covers represented, CR is at 21. But only because the other 79 are more recent. But maybe I missed some of the connected articles dealing with what all of this was abut.

    It was a hasty count on my end, I could be wrong. And I don't think it's necessarily ranked, you're right. Seems chronological.
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    As soon as I saw the name of French band Le Chiffre Organ-Ization, I had to check them out. I think one or two folk here might enjoy them as much as I am:
    4 instrumentalists, ONE Organ-ization.
    A tribute to the awesome Library Music and wild O.S.T. of the 60's we LUV so much, ... with a touch of soul jazz / early funk. Including : Hammond galore, psych keyboards, groovy rhythms... A way of LIFE !

    Try this:

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    Just heard that one episode of the British sitcom 2.4 Children is named "You Only Live Twice".
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    This article by NRK mentions Ian Fleming's connection in the tradition of the annual Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square.
    The same man behind the Christmas tree and James Bond.

    The very first Norwegian Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square arrived there during the war. However, until now, it has been unknown that the author of the James Bond books, Ian Fleming, was behind the tradition.

    According to the biography "Ian Fleming: The Complete Man" by Nicholas Shakespeare, it happened after a night out on the town.

    When the Norwegian resistance fighter Mons Urangsvåg returned to London after a raid in Norway in 1942, his friend Ian Fleming invited him out on the town, as reported by The Times. They had a fine meal at the Savoy hotel near Trafalgar Square.

    Late into the night, it became clear that the Norwegian had brought two Norwegian spruce trees from Norway. The plan was to give one to King Haakon, who lived in exile in the UK during the war. There was no plan for the second tree.

    It was then that the man behind James Bond, Ian Fleming, suggested placing it on Trafalgar Square. And so they did.

    This information comes from a note written by Admiral Norman Denning, who was part of the party. The note was discovered at the Greenwich Maritime Museum in connection with the book about Ian Fleming.

    – Denning worked in intelligence with Fleming and is reliable, says biographer Shakespeare to The Times.
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    It's my day!

    For some festive fun, I put the names of the Bond actors into one of those elf name generators:


    Sean Connery, August: Jolly CinnamonShorts
    George Lazenby, September: Buddy TinselPants
    Roger Moore, October: Holly ToffeeNut
    Timothy Dalton, March: Sprinkles SugarSocks
    Pierce Brosnan, May: Kringle McJingles
    Daniel Craig, March: Evergreen SugarSocks

    I hope other people find this as childishly amusing as I did :)
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    One I would be surprised if it had not been mentioned already : in the movie What's New, Pussycat ?, a gorgeous blonde parachutist lands in Woody Allen's car. He decides to bring her to an hotel, in which he expects to get lucky. Things don't quite end up as he expects, and in the kerfuffle that ensues, he says "She's a personal friend of James Bond !" Indeed, she is : that's Ursula Andress.

    Oh, and my Elf name is Peppermint Twinkeltoes.
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    My elf name is Sprinkles SugarSocks. If Santa had his own Bond girls, this sounds like one of them!
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    From Holly TwinkeToes: nice one.

    Are you also going to post on the Advent Calendar thread @Agent_99 ?

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    I'm Cookie Toffeenut. No, I'm not, I'm David Dragonpol. Identity crisis! :)
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    From Holly TwinkeToes: nice one.

    Are you also going to post on the Advent Calendar thread @Agent_99 ?

    That's where I meant to post it! I was TIRED last night.
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    Pierce Brosnan sports '007' Celtic top while
    filming for upcoming movie in the US

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    Pierce Brosnan IS James Bond. Still. \m/
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    Looks more like Colonel Sanders to me by now.
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    Well, Sanders looked good enough to be in a Bond film, so there's still hope for Pierce!


    Above: A rare one here - Brosnan and Felix Leiter in the same pic.
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    From The San Francisco Examiner, Feb. 17, 1963:

    San Francisco Strikes Back

    By Dick Nolan

    Thanks to Ian Fleming, he of the cult, the wildest literary experiment in the world is being carried out here in San Francisco. Our city is writing a book.

    I would feel better about this if it did not remind me of the monkeys and the typewriters.

    You recall the theory: If you put enough monkeys to work batting enough typewriters for a long enough time, why, eventually you get a masterpiece of literature by random chance for Random House.

    Roughly speaking, the monkey business is afoot.

    San Francisco is writing a mystery novel. That's on account of Ian Fleming. You can blame him, all right. And the coordinator of this dangerous project is Dave Niles, the staff intellectual at KSFO, who (along with President Kennedy) is an Ian Fleming fan

    For the three or four readers who may not yet have heard of Ian Fleming, let me explain that he is the creator of James Bond, the super secret agent, and of Bond's boss, M, and of the creepy Soviet murder machine known as SMERSH. Also of miscellaneous pneumatic blondes, master spies, inventive torturers, knowing waiters, ingenious mechanics, beetle-browed thugs, sly assassins, pneumatic brunettes, cryptographers, cryptanalysts, pneumatic redheads.

    James Bond contends with some, exchanges airy talk with others, kills a few, gets exquisitely tormented by the torturer in each novel; kills the torturer, foils the plot and (after work is done) indulges himself with the pneumatic beauty, but only briefly, because all surplus characters have to be cleared away for the next book.

    All this gave Dave Niles the idea, one night, to ask the KSFO audience to phone in the specifications for a synthetic thriller, starting with a super-secret international agent (Bond is a Limey) and going on from there.

    Well! Ever since then the listeners have been putting this book together with dedicated fury. And Dave has been editing the results. It's an excellent chance that a publisher will come along soon and put the whole thing between covers.

    For a preview, may I present Drason Morris, secret agent. According to the listeners' specifications, Drason Morris is five foot 11 1/2 inches tall, weighs 187 pounds, has brown hair, flinty gray eyes, craggy features. He has a small triangular scar under his left ear. He is lean, muscular and is always deeply tanned.

    At Yale, Morris rowed and fenced. In postgraduate studies at Stanford (electronics, Indo-European literature) Morris neglected athletics. Nevertheless he is expert at judo, karate, use of small arms, parachute jumping, explosives, sports car driving, small boat handling, celestial navigation, and the intricate French art of fighting with the feet.

    Drason Morris lives in a Belvedere split-level thoughtfully provided with a secret infra-red and sonar warning system, as well as a concealed elevator leading to a hidden dock under the house.

    Drason's car is a Facel Vega HK 500, powered by a 360 h.p. Chrysler V-8 with twin four-choke carburetors. The car has disc brakes. It can accelerate from zero to 100 m.p.h. and brake back to zero again in 25 seconds.

    He favors a Browning 9mm. Parabellum pistol, Chivas Regal Scotch, a $2,500 Swiss watch, a Morane Saulnier airplane, an air propelled 19-foot cruiser that coasts at 140 m.p.h., and a Bell TX-500 helmet for sky diving.

    So far the listeners have been unable to agree on Drason's taste in broads. One must assume they will be spectacular and inventive.

    Plot is pretty much a tangle, so far. Something about a new atomic submarine being hijacked while the President is aboard; a deadly battle between Drason and a 361-pound Sumo wrestler; and a 150 m.p.h. automobile chase across the Golden Gate Bridge. I told you it was wild.
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    Interestingly no mention of Pussy Galore. Octopussy. Closest being Kissy.

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    Not Tracy?...no, fair enough.
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    Agent_99 wrote: »
    Not Tracy?...no, fair enough.

    Tracy is mentioned under Teresa in the full list found at @RichardTheBruce's "MomJunction" list. I mainly found the list to be shoddily compiled clickbait. The only interesting things to find out were that there were Bond actresses named Claudia Angier (in a movie called "Thunderbolt") and Barbara Back, as well as Louis Chiles. And Helga Brandt was in a movie called "You, Live Only Twice" (they forgot the exclamation mark at the end of the title). Oh yes, and that "[t]he ‘k’ in [the name Elektra] distances this electrifying name from its Greek origin". Which of course is Ἠλέκτρα, with a kappa.
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