And the Bondie and Klebbie for PTS in the Brosnan 132



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    In fact, I love how many cultural events and activities take place in QoS and that they organized filming around them, including Tosca and the Palio di Siena. They really help flesh out the background and transform simple Bondian activities into something way more grandiose and extravagant.

    Maybe a future category? I think the Connery era has some interesting examples of this too. QOS is stronger for it.
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    Creasy47 wrote: »
    In fact, I love how many cultural events and activities take place in QoS and that they organized filming around them, including Tosca and the Palio di Siena. They really help flesh out the background and transform simple Bondian activities into something way more grandiose and extravagant.

    Maybe a future category? I think the Connery era has some interesting examples of this too. QOS is stronger for it.

    That'd be a great category/separate game of its own or something. It really stands out throughout QoS (and also because I've dug so much into the filming and history of production and all that) but it is quite prominent in some other films too. It's an exciting topic.
  • Personally I’ve always liked FRWL’s Pinewood moment. Perhaps it’s a lot to do with nostalgia seeing as how this was a playable level in the FRWL video game, and as the Bond imposter you’d get to sneak around this hedge maze eliminating various goons scattered around the map. I also love the idea of SPECTRE having their own training ground for their agents too; it’s simply too bad that they never revisit this location for any of SPECTRE’s other appearances.
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    Tosca for me too. They should have made use of that giant eye like P & W wanted to in their script. The whole Tosca sequence feels like a finale at times. Truly great scene!
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    Tosca for me, too.
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    Sumo in YOLT for sure. A timeless sport and venue. While the original Kokugikan is no longer standing, sumo stadiums still very much have the same look and traditional feel that you see in the film.
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    I'm at a toss up between FRWL or YOLT.
    I think YOLT, just wins it for me as the setting and overall scope of the place are so impressive.
    Sadly nowadays such things would likely be done with a set and cgi.
    I thought this one might have made the list...
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    Good call @Benny I should have recalled that sequence. I do dock it marks because it seems a bit off in terms of the logistics. Probably me but it seems like they are close to the bottom with the restaurant, then suddenly they are near the top. Having never visited the Tower I might be confused more easily. That being said the jump is pretty damn cool and iconic in it's own right.
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    From this list I would pick Tosca. I also rather enjoy the Hagia Sophia sequence in FRWL.
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    Seano wrote: »
    From this list I would pick Tosca. I also rather enjoy the Hagia Sophia sequence in FRWL.

    Yes, this sequence in FRWL is a good one. I like the atmosphere of the scene
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    Put me down for Tosca. As an aside, this brings up a bigger point about the series besides delivering entertaining experiences it was also exposing different forms of culture and sports to a wider audience, as in I'd never heard of Tosca prior to QoS and I'm sure not many outside of Japan knew of Sumo wrestling or even ninjas before YOLT, kickboxing in TMWTGG and parkour in CR. I was talking music with somebody recently and Stradivarius came up and I mentioned the instruments all have names and confessed I only knew that through watching a Bond film.
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    Well its time for us to award the Bondie for best scene setting. Coming out to the dais is Mister Wint and Mister Kidd. They took pictures of the canal for the children and wish to share them with the academy. The winner of best scene setting is...Tosca hosts a Quantum meeting accepting the award is Mister White, who proudly proclaims that maybe Tosca is for everyone!

    A review of the votes shows:
    • Tosca with 6 votes
    • Sumo Wrestling meet-up with 1 vote
    • Pinewood Gardens with a vote
    • No votes for Bodyworks and Amsterdam river boat ride.
    • Write in votes for Eiffel Tower and Hagia Sophia

    I was thinking today of some cool little moments from the films where Bond does something cool to either evade or hide from baddies, sometimes it's done with some humour other times out of necessity. Thought it would make for a fun category!

    The nominees for "cheeky" Bond moment are:
    • Bond makes out with himself DAF it fits the movie and it is a cheeky moment that allows Bond to surveil the real Peter Franks, I'm sure it drew some laughs in the theatre
    • Bond strides in his PJ's DAD the confidence of the character comes out here as Bond having just escaped British custody is disheveled and with only PJ bottoms. He strides with confidence while those around mouth agape watch. A fun moment!
    • Straighten out underwater TWINE as his boat dives under the river Thames Bond takes a moment to straighten his tie. The moment gives a flash into the style of this character
    • Bond steals an egg OP This cute moment causes the Mi6 Art expert to hyperventilate. Bond bidding up and then switching the eggs. Only Bond would make a scene while advancing his cause.
    • Shooting Skeet with ease TB Another moment meant to provoke the villain. Bond downplaying his knowledge of guns but highlighting his knowledge of women. Then shooting the skeet like it was a walk in the park. Fun stuff

    There you have it, I have most likely missed some so feel free to write in votes. But which moment is the best cheeky side of Bond.
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    Shooting skeet, please... Connery was The Man...
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    'Shooting skeet with ease TB' for me as too, a really cool moment that Connery carries off so well!
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    As much as I want to vote for OP, because it’s very cool.
    TB and the skeet shooting has to be the winner.
    It’s so simple, but so effective. Brilliant scene.
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    Skeet shooting for the win
  • goldenswissroyalegoldenswissroyale Switzerland
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    I always thought the moment in MR (killing the guy in the tree and ending the scene with "such good sport" is even better or at least a highlight with parallels to the great one in TB.
    I like or even love four of the nominees here (apart from the DAF one).

    My vote goes to OP, the scene is really well done. The best thing about it is M's reaction afterwords...
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    A cheeky moment from Bond .....

    .... on wait. A cheeky moment "of" Bond.

    Per @goldenswissroyale that "such good sport" moment from MR is a lot of fun, but since it isn't one of the choices, I'll go with TB's Shooting Skeet with ease.
  • GoldenGunGoldenGun Per ora e per il momento che verrà
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    I'm going to vote for the PJ's. Definitely a highlight of that film.
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    I'll go with the skeet shooting. Some of the others are rather banal and even cringy.
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    I think the straightening out of the tie was better done in GE. IIRC it was because people loved it that it was re-done in TWINE. So I'll do thee write-in for GE.
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    Gotta go with OP this time. Moore at his best.

    P.S. We need a follow-up poll of the actual cheeky moments in Bond. Tiffany in DAF is one.
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    All right! Presenting the award for cheeky Bond moment is Miss Tiffany Case who showed a lot of cheek in DAF.

    The winner of the Bondie is Skeet shooting with ease in TB Accepting the award is Vargas, Vargas doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, what does Vargas do? Well he accepts awards.

    Okay lets move to worst performance by a Bond actor! Yes I am going to go there and pit the many actors of the Bond films together to see which one do we think is the worst performance as Bond. I have taken the performance from the films that are generally ranked low by the fans.

    The nominees are:
    • Roger Moore as Sean Connery James Bond in TMTWGG to some this performance by Roger is not too bad. However to others it's not hitting the right notes. We see him slap women, we see him stow away a woman in a dresser while making love to another. Roger looks uncomfortable with some of the scenes and what he is asked to do.
    • Sean Connery sleepwalks through YOLT this is another performance that some like and defend. Others say Connery looks bored and un-interested. We don't have the swagger of TB in this performance. The lines are delivered but lack a sparkle to the day as Osato would say. A rare misstep by a highly regarded actor.
    • Pierce Brosnan scuffles through DAD another performance that some say is the best thing in the movie. Pierce handles what he is given and seems committed to it. But is this as good as his previous efforts? Or does his performance die on this day?
    • Daniel Craig takes no Solace after the wonderful debut of Daniel, some say this performance is lacking. Is it the script? Direction? Or was Daniel just a bit off here. Doesn't help that he is asked to do some un-Bondian type things. Dropping an unconscious female with a complete stranger, dropping his dead mentor into a garbage bin.
    • Roger's stunt double in AVTAK was it Roger's fault that at 57 he was asked to play Bond again? This movie suffers from obvious stunt doubles doing the heavy lifting, to the producers having older stunt men fighting Bond. That fight at Stacey's! Roger never seems to hit a stride in this film and maybe it's because of all the times he's not playing Bond.

    There you have it, which performance is the worst by an actor playing Bond? Have I left one out
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    Well...Maybe Dan's Bond scolding M for drinking and then chocking Blofeld: Die, Blofeld, die! (I know, I know, straight from a Fleming page, but cmon, it's cringeworthy to see).

    Also, Pierce's pain face gets me every time. My eyes water, but not in a good way. Cringeworthy. Very. That Electra speech, you know: You knew where to hurt me. Knew everything about my shoulder. Or something like that. Terrible.

    And honestly, all of Connery in DAF is straight out of I'm-just-doing-this-for-the-money routine.

    Timothy is flawless as an actor, so...

    And Lazenby, well...
  • Toss up between Moore and Connery for me. I don’t think Moore is particularly “bad” in TMWTGG, but misdirected. He had already made such an indelible mark in LALD that his performance in TMWTGG feels like a natural regression.

    Connery in YOLT is the most unenthusiastic performance from a Bond actor in the series run. Clearly you can tell just how p.o’d he is just being there, you can tell he isn’t as engaged with the material given, and by all official accounts that seems to be what happened here. He reclaims some of that magic from his earlier films in the scenes taking place in the Volcano, but overall I’d conclude that this is by far perhaps the worst performance from any Bond actor, and that’s incredibly disappointing considering it’s Connery for goodness sake.

    Brosnan in DAD is the highlight of that film ultimately, even if it isn’t my favorite performance from him. Unfortunately I think Pierce is given a lot of terrible dialogue that no other Bond actor would ever be able to sell, so I think he got the short end of the stick in that regard. His “pain face” doesn’t bother me as much as it does for some other folks, but then again I personally think the worst “pain face” moment I’ve seen in this series comes from Craig in SP during the torture scene. Speaking of Craig…

    Craig’s performance in QOS is another one that I don’t think is bad by any means. Like Pierce in DAD, I don’t think the film utilized Craig’s strengths to the best of his abilities as an actor, and so as a result there are several moments in the film that leave me scratching my head, and perhaps this is a result of the poor writing/poor direction. The moment that sticks out for me is when he jumps onto the car of the Police Chief, shouts “You and I had a mutual friend” before shooting him point blank and moving on as if nothing happened.

    But if I were absolutely forced to pick an answer, I’d probably pick Connery in YOLT. Mainly because of the lack of effort on his behalf.
  • To be honest, Craig looks his best as Bond in Quantum: his hair is right, suits fit well and his physique is toned done from the previous money to a perfect degree. Witty quips are quite well done but the crazy action scenes editing (and lack of proper writing) degrades the film .
    Moore in AVTAK isn't horrific, I think he's let down by the stunt doubles but he does his normal schtick alright, again let down by action.
    Brosnan in DAD is alright and I think his delivery of "time to face gravity" was spot on to be completely honest. Sadly the horrible dialogue in every other facet lets the film down.
    Out of the final two, I'm going to say YOLT because TMWTGG isn't all Moore's performance, it's some dodgy writing and character decisions, especially with Andrea Anders (Severine's predecessor?)
  • GoldenGunGoldenGun Per ora e per il momento che verrà
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    I think Moore was excellent in TMWTGG, and Craig was superb in QOS.

    And while Moore and Brosnan may have had better moments than AVTAK and DAD, I don't think either of them did a bad job.

    Connery in YOLT is probably the only time the main man doesn't look like he gives it his all, so I vote for that one.

    Though Craig's Blofeld scene in NTTD is arguably the worst acted scene of any Bond actor in any Bond film. So that one surely deserves a mention here imo.
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    If this worked like a U.S. election, I would check "none of the above", take a big Sharpie, and write in the name

  • CraigMooreOHMSSCraigMooreOHMSS Dublin, Ireland
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    Absolutely nothing wrong with any of the performances listed, so I don't think I can really cast a vote for this one.

    Craig in Quantum is my favourite of his. One of the most subtle, focused depictions of Bond we have ever had. Absolutely chilling at times.

    Brosnan in DAD gives what I would describe as his most Moore-ish performance; the film around him is mostly absolute nonsense and his efforts ultimately ground the film and offer the audience a "way in" when plenty are looking for a way out. He's excellent.

    Moore in TMWTGG is one of my favourites of his, too. His Bond is a bit of a dick in this and the film is mostly rubbish, but the scenes between Scaramanga and himself are great.
    AVTAK is only noteworthy because of his age, and that would be the only reason I'd probably vote for that. But even with his age in mind, Moore is pretty good in it! It's the film that lets him down by pretending he's not the age that he is.

    Connery does kind of glide through YOLT in a way that he didn't in previous films, but again it's not a bad peformance at all. He's just making everything look so effortless and he still looks pretty good here, unlike his next attempt..

    If we were to allow write-ins, I'd be throwing up Connery in DAF. The only saving graces of that film are the dialogue and the music.
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    Brosnan in DAD!
    He's worse in GE and TWINE, but since they're not here!!
    I wouldn't have put Craig in QOS in the list either, he delivers a superb performance!
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