R.I.P. A Final Farewell To Members Of The James Bond Family



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    Im shocked to say the least , she was getting old now. But still :(
    Met her at EMS '11 , her only con
  • From The Avengers to OHMSS Diana Rigg was omnipresent in my house as a kid, my parents were big fans of The Avengers sad news as certainly in the UK Diana was very highly regarded, great character. R.I.P.

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    Anyone remember her in Guy Hamilton’s wonderful 1982 mystery EVIL UNDER THE SUN? Diana Rigg and Maggie Smith were wonderful throwing zingers at each other! Of course Peter Ustinov as always stole the show. The best Hercule Poirot ever!

    One of my favourite whodunits, not in the slightest because of Dame Diana :(
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    Jesus! What a shocker! Rest her gentle soul. The most memorable Bond girl. The only Bond girl that the Bond theme was played for.
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    Very sad news. RIP to one of the greatest.
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    Oh no. Can't find the words. Just, oh no.
  • 60th+London+Evening+Standard+Theatre+Awards+_9GQrYcfPgHx.jpg

    Diana Rigg and her actress Daughter Rachael Stirling , they appeared together in a Gothic Horror episode of Doctor Who

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    Lovely words from George.
  • Agreed, George's tribute was quite touching.

    The world is a lesser place for the passing of Dame Diana Rigg. This year has been just heartbreaking. Rest in Peace Mrs. Peel, Contessa Tracy, et al. We will miss you.
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    Oh no. What a horrible loss. RIP Diana Rigg. In Bond’s heart and my own, she was the best of them all.
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    RIP Contessa...
  • Now and Forever, the best Bond Girl that ever was. Nobody did it better. Rest in peace Diana and THANK YOU for making OHMSS such a fantastic movie.
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    This is so terrible sad. What a truly wonderful actor and amazing lady we’ve lost
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    Really sad to hear this. RIP Dame, what a wonderful actress. Going to watch OHMSS in her memory :(
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    Such sad news ...


    "For thee the poet of beguilement sings."
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    Poor George out lived her.....Must of been the garlic......
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    A touching tribute from George Lazenby.

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    Wonderful words from George. A huge loss for the Bond family and my personal favourite female lead in all of Bond. She was an outstanding actress with a remarkable screen presence.
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    Rest in Peace Diana Rigg.
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    I'm just absolutely crushed, I can't believe it. This is a massive loss.

    I was just thinking about her yesterday, quite a bit, actually, I was reading her filmography because I wanted to watch her in more things than just the obvious things that I've seen, OHMSS, Avengers, GOT. I felt bad about it, now more so than ever.

    I still remember the first time I ever saw Dame Diana Rigg. Back in the mid-90s, when I was like 15-16 (about the same time I became a Bond fan, but still fifteen years before I saw Diana in OHMSS or anything else), my dad introduced me to the Cadfael TV series, (a great show based on the mystery novels, starring Derek Jacobi as the titular character, a 12th century Benedictine monk who solves mysteries..anyway) and Diana hosted the episodes on Mystery! on PBS. She was already in her mid-50s then and even young me found her quite beautiful. The other thing that struck me about her initially was her accent, speaking as an American delighted by Brits, she has my very favorite English accent ever.

    I finally saw On Her Majesty's Secret Service about a decade ago and it was an eye-opener, so wonderful. And the element of the film I love the most is Diana's strong, intelligent, quick-witted, badass driver (man, no wonder Bond loved her) Contessa Teresa di Vincenzo. This was the first time I saw Diana when she was younger, and I was bowled over by her beauty and talent. Tracy is my favorite Bond Girl of them all, but she transcends that common label to something greater, something all her own. Bond's equal, Bond's savior, Bond's wife. Though I love Tracy in Ian Fleming's original novel too, I much prefer the Diana's Tracy, partly because there's more of her in this version of the story to enjoy, but mainly because of the indomitable spirit that Diana imbued the character with.
    Some time after that, out of curiosity, I checked out some episodes of The Avengers and was delighted with her iconic character Emma Peel. The feel of the show, the outfits she wears, all of it screams the swinging '60s. I will definitely be returning to the show.
    Of course I was a huge Game of Thrones fan (I suppose I still am) and Olenna Tyrell is one of my top five favorite characters on the show (in case you're curious, my whole top five is: 5. Tyion Lannister 4. Olenna Tyrell 3. Daenerys Targaryen 2. Jon Snow 1. Arya Stark). Few if any are as sharp and witty as Diana, as Emma, Tracy and Olenna are all intelligent women not to be trifled with. Talk about perfect casting as the Queen of Thorns.

    And there's so much more. I can't wait to dig deeper. Diana Rigg got to play three iconic, beloved women throughout her long career, as well as being a member of The Royal Shakespeare Company (so sad that I can't watch any of her performances) and she was an immense talent of stage and screen, wherever she did. And she was and endlessly delightful, fascinating, funny, feisty all on her own. One. Great. Dame.

    We have all the time in the world.
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    There is little I can add to the eloquent words that have already been posted here. I first saw her – as did many – as the karate chopping Emma Peel, and I fell in love. Pretty, witty, capable and intelligent, what else could a teenage boy want in a girl? And, to more lasting effect, numerous little girls inspired to be like her.

    Actress Dana Delany posted this on twitter today:
    For a girl in the 1960’s, Diana Rigg was the embodiment of power and allure. To see her on stage in Medea 30 years later was sheer terror. And the icing was Game of Thrones. She outplayed them all. A great grand actor.

    Of course, Dame Diana Rigg was more than just Emma Peel – or Tracy for that matter. She was an immensely talented and versatile actress (think of “The Great Muppet Caper’) And I’m especially happy that many younger people got to appreciate her as Lady Tyrell in “Game of Thrones.” Yet despite the vast variety of her roles, she always radiated a sense of wit and intelligence – that was all Diana Rigg.

    RIP. Dame Diana Rigg.
    And thanks.
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    Oh man, this is so sad! I cried a bit when I heard the news. RIP Diana.
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    MJH1973 wrote: »
    A touching tribute from George Lazenby.

    That’s terrific.
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    Rip to one of my favorite Bond girls.
    And also my sincerest condolences to Daniel for losing his father.
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    RIP Diana Rigg, one of my favorites. My mother is a big Avengers fan and first got me introduced to the wonderful Diana Rigg and then as my Bond fanaticism increased and I got to watching through the whole catalogue, she again stood out. Watching her on GOT was a treat and my favorite character there as well. Very sad day.

    We had gone a long time without losing any Bond leading ladies and now Claudine Auger, Honor Blackman, and Diana Rigg have left us in a span of less than 9 months.
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    Well, I know what I'm going to watch this sunday : a double bill of Theater of Blood and OHMSS. A great lady has left us, and even if it wasn't before her time (82 is not a bad age to go), she still leaves behind a big void.
  • From The Avengers to OHMSS Diana Rigg was omnipresent in my house as a kid, my parents were big fans of The Avengers sad news as certainly in the UK Diana was very highly regarded, great character. R.I.P.

    That image of her on the beach is in fact from EVIL UNDER THE SUN, which is second only to OHMSS as far as my favorite Rigg performances.

    Bad year for Bond girls. Just last year all the Bond girls were still with us. But this year we lost 3 main Bond girls - Domino, Pussy, and now Tracy.

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    One of my favorite Diana Rigg moments:

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    BMWTREKPSE wrote: »
    One of my favorite Diana Rigg moments:


    Link didn’t work, my fellow Coloradan.
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