Bond-related Superstitions

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I'm a swimmer, and at our championship meet this past weekend it struck me that before every race as I'm behind the blocks I always think of Tiffany Case for good luck. That made me wonder if I'm just weird, or if other Bond fans also had superstitions involving 007. So if I'm not just weird, share yours below!


  • Haha none that I can think of. I consider 7 to be a lucky number but that's hardly exclusive to Bond.
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    Well I've always avoided marriage because I figured right after my wedding my worst enemy would drive by and shoot my wife before our honeymoon. But seriously, whenever I'm in a tight or tough situation I always think of Bond and what he would do.
  • I wouldn't put the author down as 'weird' for his thoughts. It's better to think of Case maybe than say Wint or Kidd if it's going to be of some assistance to your endeavors

    I don't have many superstitions with the world of James Bond, or any such thing in all walks of life. All stuff and nonsense maybe. One thing, and it may be the only one thing, is that when at any casino table or games, I invariably bet on black. Just a preference over another color, and while maybe not always associated with Bond, it has proven to be successful on occasion
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    No, it's not weird to think of Tiffany Case before diving in the deep end... Just don't tell the missus.
  • As long as you don't just fall in the water like Ms. Tiffany Case.... haha
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    FoxRox wrote:
    But seriously, whenever I'm in a tight or tough situation I always think of Bond and what he would do.

    Yep,same here,it calms me down and makes me think clearer somehow.

  • Better to think of Case than Plenty.
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    I don't know if it counts but for Bond books I always use as bookmark the Casino Royale postcard I got at the cinema the first time I saw the movie.
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    Haha none that I can think of. I consider 7 to be a lucky number but that's hardly exclusive to Bond.

    You're right. It's not exclusive to Bond at all but it is nice to see the number seven has become so meaningful to the series. It is seem as a powerful number and happens to be my old house number too. It represents a cycle and many other things. There is something there, I feel.
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    Ah, interesting idea.

    Not so much of a superstition, but when I used to play 5-a-side football, I always listened to the "Hovercraft Chase" from DAD, to get me pumped up. We won the majority of our games, so whenever I do anything competitively sporty, I listening to that....
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    I have an old Corgi Lotus Esprit, I had it in my pocket when I did my "finals" at primary school and when I did my finals from secondary school (our schooling system is different from the rest of the world), and I got through both of them, the latter with a 9.7/10 for English. Needless to say it has become my lucky charm ;)
  • Better to think of Case than Plenty.

    One of the best responses I've seen on these pages. Should of thought of that at time of last visit. Guess if someone's shooting an apple off your head (an unlikely scenario involving any participants on these pages, but let's say for arguments sake) - then it would be better to think of say Honey Ryder than Severine. Probably scope there for some other examples, but you get the idea
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    When I was a student myself, I was always quite nervous the day I would have to pick up my rapport card. Had I passed all the exams? Picking up the rapport card always took place in the afternoon and so I spent the few hours before that watching Moonraker on VHS. Somehow, MR offered the proper distraction. It became a sort of superstition in the sense that I feared that, if I didn't watch MR, the rapport card would have poor results on it.

    But that was a long time ago. I haven't been prone to superstition for years. ;-)
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