Quantum of Solace PS3

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Need to find players that still play this game. Trying to play multiplayer and nobody is online. Does anybody still play this game online?!


  • AliAli
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    I occasionally try and dabble but never find any players either. I was going to go for the platinum trophy as mopped up all the single player ones but never get going on multiplayer. I guess we're too late!
  • That multiplayer was awesome. I was hooked on it for 2 years. Really wanna play it again but there are no people online on ps3.
  • There's still quite a few players on xbox version, but I have no clue about ps3.
  • Looking to play James bond ps3 games online. People say the servers are dead, but I think a match with enough people can be played on LAN.
  • infoviseinfovise Ireland
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    Yes the servers are dead, Activision shut down all the 007 games servers on PS3/Xbox 360 in February, I actually just tried 007 Legends about 15 minutes ago, didn't work :(

    Activision announced the closure of the servers here:
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    There is still people who apprently ply it on other plateforms.

    Fun-fact, there is almost no video or photo of the 4 of the DLC map Camille Pack on YouTube. If someone has it, for the sake of preservation, please show the maps somewhere in of to have a trace of it on internet...
  • The PS2 version is fully third person. I want it badly.
  • 0BradyM0Bondfanatic70BradyM0Bondfanatic7 Quantum Floral Arrangements: "We Have Petals Everywhere"
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    @ByRoyalDecree, as someone that grew up playing the PS2 version backwards and forwards, it can be a ton of fun. It hasn't aged well and the combat is rugged, but I enjoyed the fact that we got a third person version of the game that wasn't locked to what I feel is an inferior FPS driven design.

    It was cool to truly feel like Bond, to watch him navigate levels and fight in full view. Definitely have a lot of fond memories playing that as a younger man, and have so many parts of the levels forever seared into my brain because I would play that game over and over again all day.
  • Creasy47Creasy47 In Cuba with Natalya.Moderator
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    Genuinely one of my most beloved and favorite online FPS titles, ever. Got it for Christmas, convinced my friend to get it, and we sunk a stupid amount of time into getting all the achievements on the 360 and had a blast in the process. One of my favorite Bond films turned into a game? It doesn't get better than that.

    I'd kill to return to the online and play it somehow, though I'm guessing it's only readily available on the PC or something these days?
  • MajorDSmytheMajorDSmythe "I tolerate this century, but I don't enjoy it."Moderator
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    QOS PS2 looked rough even on release. Really, compare it to FRWL and EON. But I still prefer it to the PS3/360 counterpart. The Sienna case felt more like a foot chase on the PS2.
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