Your Worst 5 Bond Films?

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What are the five Bond movies you dislike most, and why? Here's mine:
#1: A View to a Kill
My least favorite Bond film; where to start? Roger Moore is way too old (57!!!), Stacey Sutton is the worst ever main Bond girl, the plot is completely forgettable (as is the whole film), it drags and feels boring in almost every part, etc. I could go on, but you get the gist of it; my least favorite Bond film.
#2: Moonraker
Usually this one gets the most hate of all the Moore films, and while I dislike A View to a Kill more, I understand why. Moonraker is downright silly, and encompasses almost everything bad about the Moore era of Bond movies. Too silly/cheesy, lame dialogue, ridiculous story, boring stretches, etc. The entire idea of Bond in space doesn't work for me.
#3: Tomorrow Never Dies
I usually see people say this one is underrated, but I for one really didn't care for it. Yes I thought the Bond girl was really good and Brosnan was solid as Bond, but that's about it. The main villain was ridiculous, the plot was one of the series' worst, and it just felt all around generic. It's not necessarily a bad film, it just doesn't stand out to me at all in the series, and that's what kills it. Just feels completely generic and forgettable to me.
#4: Die Another Day
Where did this film go wrong? The first half of it was quite enjoyable, and most would agree with me (especially the opening sequence and first hour or so). Then things get haywire; the girls aren't that good in this one IMO, the plot is again one of the worst, Brosnan turns in his worst performance as Bond, the script was bad, and it's just too cheesy sometimes. I'll take the underrated The World is Not Enough any day over the two Brosnan films I mentioned.
#5: Octopussy
The four I already mentioned are really the only Bond films I dislike, but Octopussy is my least liked of the rest of the Bond films. Of course, the most dis-likable thing is ridiculous title. It's just a mostly forgettable Moore flick that didn't really do anything to make itself special in the franchise. There was some decent action and scenery in the film, but overall just not good per se.

What 5 Bond films do you dislike most, and why?


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