Your Bond Location Wishlist

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I had been looking for a previous forum dedicated to locations, but could not find any.
One of the reasons I love Casino Royale so much is that it takes place around the globe, from Czechoslovakia to Uganda to Madagascar to London to the Bahamas to Miami back to the Bahamas to Montenegro to Lake Como to Venice. My personal favorite of the motifs of Bond is the exotic locations. That being said, some are a tad overused (Istanbul) while others are criminally underused or not ever used. Here is my personal wishlist for future Bond locations:
-Tahiti/South Pacific

-Greek Islands (worked wonders in FYEO, and who wouldn't like to see Craig battling on the Aegean?)



-Canadian Rockies (Canadian only because i'm american and dont like seeing bond in america, it takes away some of the exotic factor for me)

What locations would you like to see in Bond 24/25?


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