A night with Roger Moore

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Yesterday I had the pleasure to spend an evening with Roger Moore as part of his tour. The evening was a lot of fun, with heady tales of Tony Curtis, pot smoking, Backgammon with Cubby, breasts and being the best of British.

My first Bond film was View to a Kill and I was 6 at the time and it's stuck with me ever since. I've always kind of had a soft spot for old Rog, mainly because unlike many of the other actors, he always looked like he was having the most fun. Happy to say this was reflected in his performance.

I got a signed copy of Bond on Bond and also had the accidental pleasure of meeting David Mason of Anthony Sinclair tailors. He was quite possibly the best dressed man I've ever seen. Kudos for also being a total gent.

If anyone has any questions about the event I'd be happy to answer them.


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