Bond music covers

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My band have just recorded a Bond Theme medley, of 6 of our favourite Bond themes (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Diamond's Are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, and of course, Live & Let Die.

I love people to have a listen and let me know what you think. Also, are there any other bands out there with covers to listen to.

You can find our medley here.

Thanks for listening.



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    Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I had to skip AWTD because I hate the song but the rest of the medley is great :-)

    I'm sure as a fellow musician himself, @SirHenry will be happy to give his opinion.
  • Ha ha, like the username WillyGalore. Not sure we'll be hearing Connery saying he must be dreaming about that though :)

    Wow - thanks for the feedback. We're really proud of the medley and hearing a comment like that is really fantastic. So glad you like it.
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    That is awesome stuff @Presto, well done! :)

  • Thanks DiscoVolante (testing my Bond knowledge - that's the ship from Thunderball isn't it?)- we really appreciate your comments.

    Also, 0013, I read your thread linked above, and saw you were asking for places to post music other than YouTube. Have you had a look at SoundCloud where I posted my track. It's free to set up an account and post up to 2 hours of music - You only pay if you want to access detailed stats about who is listening worldwide. If you do end up posting a track there please let us know. I love listening to other peoples interpretations of tracks.
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    Thank you @Presto. I just need some time to record a quality track and perhaps share it but is not easy to be satisfied.
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    Presto wrote:
    testing my Bond knowledge - that's the ship from Thunderball isn't it?
    Spot on :)

  • like it especially the "you know my name" part
  • Thanks jason_bourne. We're primarily a rock band, and I love the fact that Cornell got to record one of the best themes (imo). It was an easy choice for us to cover that track as soon as CR came out. It was about 6 months ago we decided to extend it into a whole medley and it just seemed natural to carry on with the themes from the Daniel Craig era, and then add in some more of our favourites.
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    Good job, Presto.
  • Wow Presto, that sounded spot on man. You sounded almost like Chris Cornell there in the first track. Great stuff!
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    Ha, I wish. I'm the keyboard player, and just do some backing vocals. I'll pass this comment on though - he'll love it.
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