Tribute to Jaws/Richard Kiel, and other French Bond stuff

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Hey guys,

In France, we unfortunately don't have a lot of websites dedicated to James Bond. Apart from the official French Fan club, nothing much is going on, especially on the French Internet.

For two years now, we've been a small team of fellow Bond fan trying to gather the French speaking community interested in 007 with enough success to finally launch a new website this week.

Been spending a lot of time on layout, coding, and art on it to have something nice. Since today is our National Day, I thought I'd share with you how we "keep the frenchy end up" ;) :

Here are two videos we produced for its launch this week (a trailer and a humorous one)

Less recent work involve this video for Casino Royale's 60th anniversary

And a few artwork used for our previous website


60 years of CR:

30 years of Octopussy:

and a few welcome pages:

Otherwise, here is another website artwork I did for my personal blog

Hope you enjoyed them. ;)


  • ggl007ggl007 Spain, España
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    @-) @-) @-)

    Congratulations, friend!!

    Really impressive web... and I don´t speak French!!
  • DragonpolDragonpol
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    Well done. Glad to see you are keeping the French end up!
  • doubleoegodoubleoego #LightWork
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    Tres bien!
  • MrBondMrBond Station S
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    Great job, especially with the videos. The one with Q and Bond brought a smile on my face!
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    Merci beaucoup dear English fans !
    We aim to please :)

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    Hello, Je trouve que je passe deja trop de temps ici, donc j'ai peur de passer vraiment trop de temps si j'ajoute le forum francais. Mais bon si un jour il vous manque quelqu'un pour pondre un resume vite fait d'un texte anglais pour les non anglophones, ou taper vite fait en texte ce qui est dit dans une vidéo anglaise, vous pouvez tenter le MP ici. Mais l'experience d'un fan club JB il y a 20 ans (eh oui !) m'empeche de promettre de m'impliquer davantage !

    Anyway there's quite some gems to found about old French stuff on Youtube for instance (and on INA too !) related to Bond, I keep on finding new ones even after all these years.

  • RC7RC7
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    Good luck @Ytterbium - nice work, but be warned. Danjaq are notoriously protective of their IP.
  • 0BradyM0Bondfanatic70BradyM0Bondfanatic7 Quantum Floral Arrangements: "We Have Petals Everywhere"
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    Great stuff, @Ytterbium! Thank you for sharing all this with us, and I wish you and your French comrades luck in your endeavors to bring together the Bond fans of your country! :)
  • marketto007marketto007 Brazil
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    Great job guys, keep up and good luck with it.
  • saunderssaunders Living in a world of avarice and deceit
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    Very impressive @Ytterbium, I wish you the very best of luck.
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    Thanks very much to all of you. We appreciate very much your support (and we try to be careful with Danjaq property as well, but we've got ideas in this regards...)

    @Suivez_ce_parachute Thanks for the funny nice vintage finding. N'hésite pas à passer de temps en temps sur le forum selon l'humeur, et si tu veux partager des articles ou traduction, on sera heureux de les publier sur le site :)
  • Hey guys !
    Haven't come here in a while, so here are a few items I did for our French news website on Bond ( ; new design for the website BTW)
    First of all a trailer for 1967 Casino Royale using the 2006 Casino ROyale trailer music. Lips are a bit out of synch, but it was nice imagining a serious adaptation of Fleming's novel !

    it also comes with a new poster :

    Then, a tribute video for Richard Kiel's Jaws. I loved the character and could not find anything on youtube showing how great Jaws was. I'm still a beginner with editing videos, and did not have the best extracts of the film at hand. Any way, here's what it looks like :

    and now a small infography of all Goldfinger events happening in Europe this year

    Hope you'll like them :)
  • ggl007ggl007 Spain, España
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    Great work, @Ytterbium!

    In Spain we saw Goldfinger too in our convention:



    You are all invited to the 003 Convention ;)
  • It looks great @ggl007 ! I wished I had heard about it sooner ! I would have include it in the infography. How was the convention ?
  • ggl007ggl007 Spain, España
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    Ytterbium wrote: »
    It looks great @ggl007 ! I wished I had heard about it sooner ! I would have include it in the infography. How was the convention ?
    It was amazing!!


    Contests with great prizes:

    And, of course, Friends from everywhere:

    We will be back!!!!
  • marketto007marketto007 Brazil
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    Looking forward to going to Spain in one of those events. The world is not enough for Bond fans. :D
  • ggl007ggl007 Spain, España
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    Looking forward to going to Spain in one of those events. The world is not enough for Bond fans. :D
    And you will be really welcome, my friend!!

    We admire your work and your devotion!

    Put a cross for next August... ;)
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    Hey guys,
    this has been a long time we haven't share anything from our French Fan website Commander James Bond France.

    It's been 4 years today that we are on the internet. So we've released a nice video mashup where Mad Max: Fury Road meets James Bond :

    with matching poster :

    We also just released a big dossier gathering all deleted scenes from the Bond Franchise :

    It's in French, but there's lots of unseen pictures, and an intro in English :


  • PropertyOfALadyPropertyOfALady Colders Federation CEO
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    @Ytterbium I enjoyed stumbling through your awesome site using Google Translate. A lot of the stuff I never knew. :)
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    Thanks @PropertyOfALady ! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and took time to stumble on it :)
  • 007isbond007isbond Belgium
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    Who the hell made this awesome video ?!
    Oh, wait...:))
  • PropertyOfALadyPropertyOfALady Colders Federation CEO
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    How did you get Dalton to be so clear in this, his unused workprint gunbarrel?

  • Other French Bond stuff :

    Yep, French intellectuals can talk about Bond for 7 minutes on a French national radio show, far before Mendes made it a bit too self-aware :)
  • Hi everyone !

    Our dear Richard Kiel left us about 2 years ago now.
    I did a video tribute to Jaws at the time and upgraded it today, now that I have the blueray available.

    I hope you'll like it !

  • 007isbond007isbond Belgium
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    Well, hello Bond Fans !
    It's been quite a while since my last video but here we are...what if Pierce Brosnan returned as James Bond in a non-Eon productions ?

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