Why are the Bond filmmakers so reluctant to let us see deleted scenes and outtakes?

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Why are the makers of the Bond films so reluctant to let us see deleted scenes and outtakes from Skyfall and earlier films in the series? Are we really to believe the actors are so word- and action-perfect throughout the Bond series that they've never fluffed their lines ... or stirred a martini instead of shaking it? In popular TV shows such as It'll Be Alright On The Night, outtakes from the Bond films are glaringly noticeable for their absence. Surely the owners of the Bond franchise don't imagine the actors themselves, or the series, will be demeaned by fluffs and cock-ups being revealed to the great unwashed public? And outtakes would be a marvellous bonus on any DVD or Blu-Ray issue. As for deleted scenes failing to make it on to DVD or Blu-Ray releases of the films - why are the filmmakers so utterly stingy in what they are prepared to let us see? A mere handful of deleted scenes have been included on commercial releases, and yet we know from producers' and actors' comments that time constraints quite often determine the cutting of one or more scenes from the final cut. So come on EON and the filmmakers - quit hogging these unintentional Bond bloopers and deleted scenes for yourselves and let the fans enjoy them too!
Am I alone in my views?


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