Do you think they should bring back old cars again in bond 24.

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In Skyfall when they brought back the DB5 I was excited and made me feel proud of being a Bond fan. Do you think they would bring back an old Bond car again. Am I the only one that likes when movies bring back stuff from previous movies.


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    I liked it, but since the gorgeous DB5 was ruthlessly taken from us, I doubt it. Bond will probably get a newer car next time, I am sad to say since no current day car can even come close to matching the class of a 64 Aston. Oh well.
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    Although it was fun seeing it with gadgets I'm glad they blew it up. It was Connerys car and then starting with GE they've repeatedly bought it back for no reason other than as a cheap nostalgia grab.

    I want the new Lotus Esprit.



    It's almost as beautiful as the s1. Credit to @MartinBond for the pics.
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    Ok i agree to that
  • I am one of the DB5's biggest fans and will always be happy to see it reappear in the future as a cameo, but it is time for some fresh faces and I do love the idea of lotus making a reappearance. Loving the photos above ^
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    What car would you be disappointing of seeing in Bond 24/25
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    Already a discussion for Bond 24 cars.
    Easily found. Please stop creating pointless threads that already exist.
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