Your favourite entries in other popular film series?

hoppimikehoppimike Kent, UK
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For example Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek... whichever you think deserve the most attention! Feel free to throw in your favourite Bond as well if you want, as well as your least favourites if you wish :)

Star Wars:
Best - Episode IV
Worst - Episode I (out of the main 6 anyway)

Indiana Jones:
Best - Last Crusade
Worst - Crystal Skull (but I love them all)

Best - Casino Royale

Of course, these are all your own opinion :)



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    Star Wars

    Best - Empire
    Worst - Revenge of the Sith


    Best - Raiders
    Worst - Crystal Skull

    Back to the Future

    Best - Part 1
    Worst - Part 2


    Best - Batman '89
    Worst - Batman & Robin

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    Die Hard

    Best- Die Hard

    Worst- Probably Die Hard 4.0. Great action movie but too toned down, not enough swearing and violence. Plus Willis was too serious.


    Best- Rocky. My favourite film. 10/10.

    Worst- Rocky V without a doubt. Rocky and Rocky Balboa are the best, Rocky 3 is also good. 2 and 4 aren't brilliant but they're enjoyable. Rocky V though is f***ing awful. The emotional scenes are there but that's about the only resemblance it has to a Rocky film.

    Indiana Jones

    Best- Raiders. The other 2 original films come close but you can't beat Raiders.

    Worst- Crystal Skull. Fun but didn't need to be made.


    Best- First Blood. Fantastic action movie that's also emotional with great acting and a fairly good story.

    Worst- Rambo. They tried to bring back some emotion as 2 and 3 were basically just popcorn flicks but it falls flat on it's face and tries too hard to be "gritty"


    Best- Alien. Brilliant, tense horror flick. Scotts best film. Aliens is a good action film but Alien is a classic.

    Worst- Either 3 or Ressurection. I don't care much about either of them.

    Elm Street

    Best- A Nightmare On Elm Street. Wes Craven has made some great slasher films but this is definetly his masterpiece. The dream idea is really original and Freddy is just brilliant.

    Worst- Either the remake or the 2nd one. Dream Child is pretty poor too.
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    Star Trek

    Best- Star Trek II is undeniably powerful and contains very snappy dialogue, but its simple revenge plot is rather small in overall scope and heavily flawed from a science POV, Star Trek VI has a large scale story with interesting social and political commentary, but is slightly hampered by the obvious age of the crew.
    I think I have to go with The Undiscovered Country, objectively speaking.

    Worst- Star Trek V, the need for editing the goofy bits out combined with the obvious lack of money for decent visuals or the climactic end confrontation make that an easy choice, which is sad, with a proper editorial reworking & some inexpensive CGI it could easily be among the best IMO.
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    Star Wars

    Best - All 6 movies, I dont see anything wrong with the prequels. Sorry fanboys.
    Worst - Star Wars Christmas Special


    Best - Robocop 1 and 2, If you compare the 2nd film to the 3rd movie it really isnt that bad of a follow up, although i agree about the fact Robocop was resetted back to being a cyborg rather keeping his retained human side from the first movie.

    Worst - Robocop 3, Not all things should be redone for children and this was a good example of watering down an adult franchise for brats.
  • Best - Godfather Part 1 & 2 (equally)

    Worst - Godfather Part 3 (Not quite on the money)
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    Star Wars:
    Ep V Empire Strikes Back

    The Dark Knight

    Superman 2 Donnor Cut

    Mission Impossinble:
    Ghost Protocol

    Indiana Jones:
    Last Crusade

    Spider-Man 2

    X Men:
    First Class/X2

    Die Hard:
    Die Hard 2 (I know don't shoot me)

    Pirates of the Carribian:
    Curse of the Black Pearl
  • hoppimikehoppimike Kent, UK
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    Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (dunno why, I just thought it was great!)

    Back to the Future - Part 1 (they got a bit (more) abstract later but I still liked them :) )

    Terminator - 2. Obviously!

    The Matrix - I wish there was even competition...
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    Star Wars:
    Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

    The Dark Knight

    Superman 2 - Donnor Cut

    Mission Impossinble:
    Ghost Protocol

    Indiana Jones:
    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Spider-Man 2

    X Men:
    First Class/X2

    Die Hard:
    Die Hard

    Pirates of the Carribian:
    Curse of the Black Pearl


    The Terminator


    First Blood

  • hoppimikehoppimike Kent, UK
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    Hm, interesting most people preferred Raiders of the Lost Ark to Last Crusade!

    I love the Last Crusade! Bit of an obsession for me lol :)
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    Samuel001 wrote:
    Superman 2 - Donner Cut
    bondbat007 wrote:
    Superman 2 Donner Cut
    Wow, so nice to see some love for the Donner Cut! I personally think Superman: The Movie is a peerless work of superhero art, but holy crap Batman does the Donner Cut rock!!
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    Best - Alien 3
    Worst - Promethus. Claimed it was not a prequel yet it had numerous connections with Alien and the creature itself even appeared at the end of the movie.
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    Star Wars
    Best: The Empire Strikes Back
    Worst: Attack of the Clones

    The Godfather
    Best: The Godfather Part II, followed closely by The Godfather
    Not as good as the others (because I can't call it "worst"): The Godfather Part III

    Best: Rocky Balboa
    Worst: Rocky IV

    Best: The Dark Knight Trilogy (I can't pick only one)
    Worst: everything else

    Best: X-Men First Class
    Worst: The Last Stand
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    Best - The Terminator, There is a rumor that T5 will return to the horror roots of this one.
    Worst : Terminator 3 Rise of The Machines. "RELAX!"

    Three Stooges
    Best - Have Rocket Will Travel, Three Stooges 2012
    Worst - Soup To Nuts
  • I'm adamant there's already an existing thread for all this - I even remember participating on it, but in any event -

    Terminator (1984)

    Rocky IV (1985)

    Lethal Weapon II (1989)

    Die Hard II (1990)

    Aliens (1986)

    Superman II (1990)

    The Exorcist (1973)

    Raiders of the lost Ark (1981)

    Robocop (1987)

    Star Trek The Wrath of Khan (1982)

    Back to the Future III (1990)

    Police Academy (1984) - there's not much in the way of competition..

    Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
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    Star Wars - obvious choice but I guess it's because it's the best Empire Strikes Back.
    Worst - Phantom Menace

    Indy - my fav is probably The Last Crusade
    Worst - Crystal Skull, though I think it's not bad.

    Back to the Future - always had a thing for part 2, love the way they go back into the first film but first one is best.
    Worst - Part 3, still a good film though.

    Die Hard - I'm gonna say Die Hard 2, i just love it.
    Worst - Die Hard 4, just to tame.

    Rambo - hmm not sure, I like them all.

    Rocky - The first one is the best film but hey I can't help loving part 4 and Rocky Balboa was great.
    Worst - Rocky 5, it's just not very good!

    Mission Impossible - The first one remains the best film for me, was impressed with Ghost Protocol though.
    Worst - MI2, truley awful film.

    Terminator - The first one remains the best for me, just a cracking tight little sci-fi thriller.
    Worst - Salavation, just boring.
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    The thin man series:
    The Thin man

    The Saint series:
    The Saint in London

    The Falcon series:
    The gay Falcon

    Charlie Chan series:
    Charlie Chan in Egypt

    Dr Mabuse:
    Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse

    Tarzan and his mate

    The bride of Frankenstein

    Dracula's daughter
  • Batman Begins

    Die Hard

    Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back



    Raiders of The Lost Ark

    Jurassic Park

    Jaws (I didn't care for the rest of the other films)
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    Batman (1989)

    Star Wars

    The Phantom Menace

    Indiana Jones

    The Last Crusade

    Mission Impossible

    4: Ghost Protocol

    Die Hard

    Die Hard 1
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    DIE HARD Die Hard 1988 (the first)

    TERMINATOR The Terminator (1984) the first

    STAR WARS Return of the Jedi

    BATMAN The Dark Knight Rises

    INDIANA JONES Raiders of the Lost Ark

    JAWS Jaws 1

    STAR TREK Wrath of Khan/First Contact

    THE THIN MAN The Thin Man

    FRANKENSTEIN The Bride of Frankenstein

    TWILLIGHT Breaking Dawn Pt 2

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    Star Wars : ep V

    Worst : ep I prolly

    Police Academy : 1 (I even dig #6 even though it gets flack)

    Worst : PA7

    Indy Jones : #2 (not a big fan but if I had to choose)

    Chris Lee Draculas : PoD , least fav SRoD......SoD is another great one

    Rocky : #1 and #3 , worst #5

    NOES : #1......I kinda like that #2 is so different ;)

    Superman : #2 , worst #4

    BTTF : #2 , worst #3 (#3 is still all right in it's own)
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    Star Wars - Empire best, Attack of the Clones worst

    Star Trek - Wrath of Khan best, The Final Frontier worst

    Superman - II best (either cut, despite the hatred for Richard Lester that tends to cloud the discussions), IV worst.

    Batman - The Dark Knight best, Batman and Robin worst.

    Indiana Jones - Raiders, Crystal Skull

    Harry Potter - tie between Prisoner of Azkaban and Deathly Hallows Part 1 for best, Philosophers / Sorcerers Stone worst

    Rocky - first best, fourth worst.

    Terminator - first, fourth (Terminator 2 being hugely overrated and pretty much ruined by Edward Furlong)

    Mission Impossible - IV, II

    Back To The Future - I, III

    Bourne - Identity (I go back and forth between that and Supremacy), Legacy

    Spider-Man - II, III

    Rambo - First Blood, Rambo III

    X-Men - X2, X-Men 3

    The Godfather - the first, the third (though I think the third is unfairly maligned, and 2 is a little overrated)

    Alien - Allen by a really tight margin over Aliens..the deciding factor being that nearly every character in Aliens is unlikeable, worst is Allen Resurrection if we are only counting the first four, AvP 2 if we are counting them all, as that film was incompetently made.

    Die Hard - I'll leave the most controversial for last: not only is my favourite the third film, but I actually think none of them really hold up. I watched them all last month and with all of them I start getting bored in the second half when it becomes only action. Second film is my least favourite of the first four.
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    This seems a pretty straightforward list to me:

    Raiders - the first and best.
    Die Hard - the first and best.
    First Blood - the first and best.
    Star Wars - the first and best (for all everyone goes on about Empire it gets lost up its own arse too much for me. Star Wars is a nice simple tale with stunning spectacle. My problem with Empire is all the serious action is over after they leave Hoth).
    Jaws - the first and best.
    Rocky - the first and best (although I do have a soft spot for IV)
    Terminator - the first and best (T2 has groundbreaking effects for sure but lacks the real terror of the first and the moment you introduce a kid into proceedings youre always on shaky ground).

    The main exception to this 'first is best' theory is probably Bourne which I would rate Supremacy, Identity, Ultimatum, Legacy (although this hardly deserves to be rated with the rest as it is really quite poor).

    And of course the Bond franchise where Bond 1 comes probably halfway down the list somewhere.
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    Continuing my list

    Bourne Best- Identity. Less shaky cam and a great premise (assassin with amnesia). The story is also better than the sequels, I think it got a bit too complex by the end.

    Worst- Legacy. Not bad, not as good as the first 3 though. It was an enjoyable action flick. Would've been improved if they'd just recast Bourne (Damon was hardly Connery as Bond irreplaceable).

    Predator Best- Predator. Classic 80s action.

    Worst- Predator 2 and Predators were both pretty poor so either of those. Unless we count the AVP films in which case I pick those (same with Alien in my other post).

    Fast And Furious Best- Fast 5. What was once Point Break with cars has finally evolved into a great action film series. I like how it's not focused on street racing anymore, I like the heist idea and the cars are still awesome.

    Worst- Either the 1st film or the 2nd one.

    Police Story Best- The original. Bus stunt, poll slide, etc. Jackie Chan is a f***ing legend and this is definetly his best film. I also really like First Strike though (essentially a Jackie Chan Bond movie).

    Worst- Probably New Police Story. It's still a good film though.

    Armor Of God Best- I think the 2nd one just edges it.

    Worst- Chinese Zodiac. It's still a pretty good film though.

    Friday The 13th Best- Either the 1st film or the 3rd. Both brilliant.

    Worst- Either Jason X or the reboot. Both crap.

    Halloween Best- The first one, definetly.

    Worst- The sequel to the reboot.

    Scream Best- The original. I also like the 4th one.

    Worst- 2 or 3. Don't really like either.

    Texas Chainsaw Best- Again, the original.

    Worst- I don't like the prequel or the Next Generation one.

    The Exorcist Best- The original. The 3rd film is good but the original is a classic.

    Worst- Either the prequel or the 2nd film.
  • M_BaljeM_Balje Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Harry Potter Top 5:

    1. Chamber Of Secrets
    2. Philopher's Stone
    3. Azkaban
    4. Goblet Of Fire
    5. Phoenix

    Hp books:

    1. Azkaban
    2. Phoenix
    3. Philopher's Stone
    4. Goblef Of Fire
    5. Chamber of Secrets
    6. Half Blood Prince
    7. Deathly Hallows. My opnion: Co-written by Warner Home Entertainment.


    Terminator 2
    Terminator 3 / Terminator
    Terminator / Terminator 3
    Terminator 4

    Jurassic Park:

    For years the first be my favorite of the 3 movies followd by the third movie and then second movie. Last year i give them another view and now the second movie is my favorite followd by the first and last movie even.


    Ocean's 13
    Ocean's 11
    Ocean's 12

    Home Alone:

    Home Alone 2
    Home Alone
    Home Alone 3
    Home Alone 4

    The Mummy:

    The Mummy
    The Mummy Returns
    The Mummy 3

    Identity 7.5-8.0/10
    Ultimatum 6.5/10
    Supremacy 6/10

    People claim Supremacy look like more on QOS, i disagree and think this count more for Ultimatum. The music and soundmix are better in this movie then in Supremacy and together with that one chacter get more screen time in this movie be 2 reasens why i at ultimatum higher on my list. The camera movements are a bigger problem in Ultimatum. What i think is better then Casino Royale is that Bourne don't kill people where this isn't needed. But in general both last 2 movies feels empty, Ultimatum is only 3 minutes longer before end credits started and i don't understand why there is 3 years between them. It be better if those 2 movies be made in to one. I heard bad things about the 4th movie, stil iam a bit curious and when i bought that movie i will possible first re-watch those 2 atleast.

    Die Hard:
    Die Hard 2
    Die Hard
    Die Hard 3
    Die Hard 4

    Spider-Man 2
    Spider-Man 3

    X-men 2 / X-men
    X-men / X-men 2
    X-men 3

    Batman Forever
    Batman Begins
    Batman Returns
    The Dark Knight

    Ice Age:
    Ice Age
    Ice Age 3
    Ice Age 2

    The Curse of the Black Pearl 8.5/10
    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 8/10
    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 8/10


    Season 7
    Season 3
    Season 6
    Season 2
    Season 1
    Season 8
    Season 5
    Season 4


    Garfield - Garfield 2
    Romancing the Stone - The Jewel of the Nile
    Transformers - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
    Madagascar - Madagascar 2
    National Treasure - National Treasure 2
  • MajorDSmytheMajorDSmythe Moderator
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    A new breed of horror is born, millennia old and maliciously evil in ways you can't imagine.

    Worst: Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled
    The Djinn falls in love... the Djinn falls in love... the Djinn falls in love.
    Friday The 13th
    Friday The 13th Pt 3 (I also like: TNB, JGTH & F13 '09)
    Jason dons the hockey mask for the first time, an iconic look is created.

    Worst: Friday The 13th Pt V: A New Beginning
    It's Jason. No wait, it's not Jason, it's a copycat killer. Why?
    The Blind Dead
    The Night Of The Seagulls
    I just love the dream like look of this film.

    Worst: The Ghost Galleon
    The Templars on a boat is a neat setting, on a boat there's only so many places to hide. However, on the boat there's no chance to see the Templars on horseback, not to mention that there isn't a likeable character in the film. The ending is alright though, it saves the film from being all bad and proves that while you might be able to run from the Templars, you'll never escape them.
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