Timothy Dalton in Key West

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MI6 uncovers a rear Timothy Dalton interview in 1988 from the set of "Licence To Kill" in Key West, Florida...


<blockquote>"Roger Moore was absolutely right for those films," he said. "I couldn't have done what he did. How do you handle flying a rocket plane that comes out of the backside of a horse?" </blockquote>


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    I really did enjoy reading that, I do hope there's more to come. :)
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    How was TD "difficult"? Now I'm all curious...
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    Really a shame he couldn't do at least one more, it's nice to see the actor really believe in the role:

    " Sean Connery aside, is there really room for a serious actor doing serious business in these movies? Dalton, who takes them very seriously indeed - he does not like to be photographed out of character, and is very aware of lenses pointed his way - seems to believe there is."
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    "How do you handle flying a rocket plane that comes out of the backside of a horse?"
    With a Teflon-coated butterfly net instead of toilet paper, I'd suggest...
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    That was an interesting article, it managed to shed a little light on the notoriously publicity shy Dalton without actually being derogatory. I completley understand Tim's point about not wanting to spoil the myth by discussing the stuntmen or being photographed on set out of character, perhaps that's why I think of him more than any of the others as the 'character' rather than the 'actor'.
    Mind you he was a bit harsh about the Rambo films, Rambo 3 is an excellent example of the genre with far more heavy machine guns, oiled up muscles and dodgy accented foreigners being dispatched than the even first effort managed to produce.
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    What a great read. It seems perhaps Dalton's views are mostly shared in some way with Craig and very good to see we've still got that in the current films.

    Really top marks for MI6 pulling out all these great interviews from the archive recently.
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