Concept i had for a Bond Fighting game a while back

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With all of the diffrent types of characters in the Bond films and how they are famous for epic fight scenes, It kinda suprises me that they have never tried to licence the franchise for a fighting game, Here was the idea i came up with, what would you guys think if it was made ?

Title : 007 The Legacy

Characters : All 6 James Bonds,Doctor No,Red Grant,Mayday,Max Zorin,Hugo Drax,Goldfinger,Oddjob,Quarrell,Quarrell Jr,Dr.Kanaga,Whisper,Tee Hee,Baron Samedi,Le Cheffree,Jaws,Largo,Nik Nak,Osato,Scaramanga,Kristatos,Xenia Onnatop,General Ourumov,Alec Trevelyan,Dominic Greene,Franz Sanchez,Dario,Necros,Brad Whitaker
Unlockable Characters : Earnest Blofeld,Witt and Kidd,James Bond Jr,NSNA James Bond,Cartoon Dr.No,Cartoon Jaws,Q,Mr.Big (Alt attire for Kanaga),Baron Samedi without makeup and in Civilian clothes.

Stages: Universal Exports Q Lab,Dr.No's Island,Fort Knox,On top the Golden Gate Bridge,SPECTRE Headquarters,On top the train from TSWLM,Archives from GE64,Moonraker Launch site,Moon Landing studio,Gypsy Encampment,Sanchez Mansion,Largo's Boat,Zorin Headquarters,Plz Gloria,Universal Exports Training Room, El Sagrita Temple from GE64

Modes :
Versus Mode - Traditonal Fighting arcade style mode
Movie Mode - Relive classic moments from the Bond films
Endurance Mode - 4 on 4 team battles
Edit Mode - Modify the characters or create your own character
Tournament Mode - Up to 8 players via online play
Online Versus Mode


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    The fighting could be Martial Arts, if you agree. It fits Bond more.
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    Here is a gameplay clip of Dragon the Bruce Lee story to give you an idea of how Movie mode would be like

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    Sorry double post
  • Great idea for a game, each character has distinctive traits you could adapt for fighting. Odd Job for example, crushing objects with his bare hands, throwing his hat, chop to the neck for example. Onatops finishing move an obvious one, crushing her opponents with her thighs. Onatop could attack Roger Moores bond with a machine gun, Moore in defensive posture deflects the bullets with his magnetic watch ;-)
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    The dream fights would be endless. One of my personal dream fights is Jaws vs Mayday because of thier equal strengths.
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    at this rate i will take a bond fighting game as no bond game is on the horizon!
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    YES! @jka12002, I completely agree with you! This has been my dream Bond game as well, or at least one of them! I strongly agree! And your game outline on your opening post was excellent! I'd play it in a heart-beat!
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    Just out curiosity what would be the first dream fight you guys would play if this game really existed?
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    jka12002 wrote:
    Just out curiosity what would be the first dream fight you guys would play if this game really existed?

    Oddjob vs. Jaws, the ultimate battle for the ages!
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    Sean Connery Bond vs James Bond Jr :P
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    All the Skyfall Box Office supporters vs. the Thunderball Box Office supporters. Now THAT would be a hell of a match.
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    Barbara Broccoli x Michael G. Wilson.
  • X3MSonicX wrote:
    Barbara Broccoli x Michael G. Wilson.

    Cubby Broccoli vs Kevin McClory :)
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    Now on a serious note, if i were to pitch this idea to EON and whoever would have the BOnd gaming licence, what do you think the response would be?

    Too bad Midway is now defunct because they would have been the perfect choice to make this game imo.
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    Awesome idea for a Bond game. I'd love to see NetherRealm Studios (the people behind the new Mortal Kombat and the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us) take a crack at this. Each character could have one or more "fatalities" and unlockable alternate costumes. Think there needs to be a few more Bond girls in the roster. Here are the characters I'd like to see.

    Dr. No
    Honey Ryder
    James Bond (Sean Connery)

    Q (Desmond Llewelyn)
    Red Grant
    Rosa Klebb

    Odd Job
    Pussy Galore


    Tiger Tanaka
    Kissy Suzuki
    Blofeld (Donald Pleasance)

    James Bond (George Lazenby)

    Tiffany Case
    Plenty O'Toole
    Wint & Kidd (tag team)

    James Bond (Roger Moore)
    Baron Samedi
    Kananga/Mr. Big

    Francisco "The Man with the Golden Gun" Scaramanga
    Mary Goodnight

    Anya Amasava (Triple X)

    Hugo Drax
    Holly Goodhead

    Bibi Dahl
    Melina Havelock
    Ares Kristatos


    Max Zorin

    James Bond (Timothy Dalton)
    Kara Milovy
    Brad Whittiker

    Felix Leiter (David Hedison)
    Franz Sanchez
    Pam Bouvier

    James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)
    Xenia Onatopp
    Alec Trevelyan (006)

    Wai Lin
    Elliot Carver

    Christmas Jones
    Elektra King

    Q (John Cleese)
    Gustav Graves

    James Bond (Daniel Craig)
    Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright)
    Vesper Lynd
    Rene Mathis

    Camille Montes
    Strawberry Fields
    Dominic Greene

    Q (Ben Wishaw)
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    I don't think it would be my cup of tea...however, anything would be better than the disaster of Legends!
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    jka12002 wrote:
    Just out curiosity what would be the first dream fight you guys would play if this game really existed?

    DC's Bond vs Red Grant - in a cramped Orient Express car.

    Personally, I think a Bond fighting game would be fantastic, I've always dreamed about it since playing Street Fighter as a kid. It just makes sense. A whole host of distinctive villains, all with different traits, and a wealth of great Ken Adam sets in which to do battle.

    Unlockable character - OP - Roger Moore + clown suit.
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    X3MSonicX wrote:
    Barbara Broccoli x Michael G. Wilson.

    Cubby Broccoli vs Kevin McClory :)

    Roger Moore x Daniel Craig :P
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    Here's a little pet project I've been working on. Wanted to see what your concept would look like, jka12002, so I put together a mock or pitch trailer.

    I mainly used the game "The Movies" on PC. Ironically, that game's from Activision. And it's also frustrating as heck to used. Probably was more trouble than it was worth just for this short video.
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    Good footage, @Slyfox. But, i don't understand how or why everyone uses that game, it sucks.
  • Battle of the Blofelds?

    Mr Wint v Mr Kidd?

    Renard v Jaws?

    Possibilities are endless
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