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Well, it is most probable that Quantum will be returning for Bond 24. If so, what will the organisations objective be? Will it be the classic Thunderball plot of ransoming the western world, or something else? Please, lets generate some ideas, for what our villains will be hoping to achieve in Bond 24.


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    What if Quantum develops a super virus similar to H1N1 and plans to demonstrate it on an island nation (Japan, Cuba, New Zealand) before extorting money from the rest of the world.
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    The middle east is a hot potato, so what about something happening on the African continent?
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    RogueAgent wrote:
    The middle east is a hot potato, so what about something happening on the African continent?

    Maybe Quantum could try to control the water supply of some obscure country, only this time in Africa!
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    Quantum wants to kill M and 007 wants to take him his parents skilodge in Switserland and M says:" are you daft old boy, I do not want to die like the last M you protected!" So instead 007 goes on a rampage and kills everybody except all of Quantum..........Why because there will be a Bond25 two years later. ;)
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    I expect Quantum real goal be more like Eliot Carver and Silva. Intrestig be a line Skyfall from Bond against M: We going back in time. 1964, 1997 by far not long back enough...

    Remember my tagline of Bond 24 inspyred by TMND: Yesterday is history, Today is a memory, but what it be tomorrow ? The Lies of yesterday are the future of tomorrow.

    In my Bond 24 and Bond 25 the return of Mathis and Vesper and another person (Bond 24 fanart) Creative twist with I never left from QOS, lyer he be he left Vesper and Mathis body. And if Dominic is realy dead, his body too. The soul is gone, but the body is stolen bij Quantum for experiments. Inspyred by The Spy Who Love Me, Dr No, OHMSS, Goldeneye besides Casino Royale, QOS/TMND. Quantum of course also whant some living people and there will try to get Moneypenny, but more then a litle set up wil not happen before Bond 25.

    The only thing what be left what i have in mind earlier for Jared Harris i like now be yused for M. It wil ask quistion or this wil made it stil possible or M can work for Mi6, but also give a reasen for not go to much outside. The other things about he being Dench M's Ex husband are not possible any more, the idea Jarred Harris as another Quatermaster i don't mind it at all.
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    REAL villains only want one thing- a stranglehold on resources, rights, or profits, preferably all three. The days of Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion are over, I'm afraid.
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    I just hope the villain's objective is realistic. Le Chiffre wanted enough money to recoup his losses; Green wanted water rights; Silva wanted revenge against M and MI6, etc. I would be disappointed if the Bond producers rehashed the Brosnan era by featuring comical plots for world domination or mass extermination in Bond 24.
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    Silvas plan was realistic?

    Hack MI6 and cause an explosion, get himself captured instead of just going to London himself, hack MI6 again, escape prison then get away on a tube, then dress up as a policeman and shoot up a courthouse.

    Doesn't sound that realistic to me ;) (not saying it's a problem, I don't mind at all, but I don't think SF is as realistic as the rest of Craigs films).
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    Please continue here.
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