Your favourites choices to sing a future Bond song...

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Men :

- Seal
- Joe Cocker
- Michael Bublé (but already did "Cry Me a River" for Johnny English 2, if I'm right)
- Amon Tobin (cf : Splinter Cell video games ; for an instrumental theme, it'd be a great return in that genre)

Women :

- Pixie Lott (* see why at her discuss thema, same category)... just later. On the opportune moment.
- Katie Melua (power vocals plus smooth and love styled ; Roger Moore's era)
- Neneh Cherry (hear "Woman")
- Selah Sue ( "This World")

Groups :

- U2
- Scorpions (unfortunately in my dreams, they're retiring)
- The BOND girls (instrumental)

(Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Spandau Ballet back in 80's, ... and many more to add)

Mines until now.


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    Pixie Lott? NEVER!

    I'd have Adele again, personally, taking over the mantle of Shirley Bassey. I am not a fan of Adele, but thought she did great in SF and I think she can do great again. Maybe Duffy too, albeit too obvious a choice?
  • 1.Maroon 5
    2.Christina Aguilera
    3.Bon Jovi
    4.Michael Buble
    5.Beyonce Knowles
  • Michael Bublé. And I can't think of someone else.
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    Depeche Mode (one can still dream...)

    OR (more realistically)

    Bat For Lashes:

    Not saying I want either of these songs for the theme- obviously it has to be made-for-Bond. I'd just love to hear her haunting voice over something Bondian. Make it so, EON!
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    This is a tough one... I'll do a top 5, but it's a stretch:

    1.) Michael Bublé
    2.) Michael Bublé
    3.) Michael Bublé
    4.) Michael Bublé
    5.) Michael Bublé
  • Ke$ha
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    Cee Lo Green or Lana Del Rey.
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    Robbie Williams
    Nina Persson (written by David Arnold)
    De Phazz (Germany)
    Sharleen Spiteri (written by David Arnold)
    Lady Linn (and her Magnificent Seven)
    Tripoli. (Belgium)
    The Blackboxrevelation. (Belgium)
    Mary J. Blige
    Aretha Franklin (written by Bono and the edge.)
    Shirley Bassey
    Leonard Cohen
    Elton John
    Andreas Johnson
    Paloma Faith
    Simpley Red
    Eyes Set To Kill
    Fort Minor
    Escape The Fate
  • From that list, I would say I like the sound of Paloma Faith, Sharleen Spiteri and Aretha Franklin
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