could the 007 number be passed on to someone else and if it did would it still be as popular

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If they killed off bond to revamp the series yet again with a new 007 would people still go to see it or is it only the bond character that we all love i'm asking this because this discussion lead to a argument with someone who as not got a clue about bond and said that after 50 years it would be more believable if they was 007 movies not james bond i told him hes missing the point there just stories about someones missions time does not come into it. But it made me think what if they did do just that lets say after craigs run what if they got one last actor to play james bond that got killed off. would the series be dead in the water or could it be re launched as 007 films with a whole new agent or agents. But i do not think that would work to be honest because the films are about this james bond a normal man with a unusual job yet some how manages to save the world without super powers . So i think if this scenario was to happen it would finish off our beloved series


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