The name's 25. Bond 25, or rather, it's NTTD.



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    The Property of a Lady
    The Hildebrand Rairity
    007 in New York
    Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    Never Send Flowers (Have been a good alternate title of Spectre)
    Operation Ruthless
    Bird With a Wings Down

    Eyes Set To Kill
    Legend To Die For
    Shortcut To War

    The first 3 making biggest chance to be title of Bond 25 and Bond 26 i think.

    ''Take It Easy Mr. Bond'' sound more like: Slowdown Mr Bond / Calmdown Mr Bond. Dutch people will possible think about Thunderball, because Calmdown Mr Bond is ''Kalm aan Mr Bond'' in Dutch and Dutch title of Thunderball (Blackbear pockets) novel.
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    Ctrl Alt Kill.
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    RC7 wrote: »
    Ctrl Alt Kill.
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    Risico007 wrote: »
    A title for each of the four actors I would be happy with

    If Daniel Craig does indeed return Blofeld

    I still do hope Daniel Craig does return in Bond 25.
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    Actually, Die Another Day was a Fleming title too.
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    I thought it was taken from a poem?
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    Right on the mark, it seems. Unknowingly, Bond paraphrased Fleming during his confrontation with Graves, then. "Like father, like son." I suppose?
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    It may have come from a poem originally, but in one of Fleming's correspondence (maybe to his wife, I didn't remember for sure), in regard to his health, he wrote "so I live to die another day."

    Hmm ... yes I knew about that ... inspired? Or scraping the barrel to get a title with somthing related to Fleming?
  • I don't get why everyone hates on that title. Die Another Day sounds fine to me. Attractive, even. Licence to Kill and Spectre are about as bad as you can get, they are so non-specific.
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    I don't get why everyone hates on that title. Die Another Day sounds fine to me. Attractive, even. Licence to Kill and Spectre are about as bad as you can get, they are so non-specific.

    24 even cheekily adapted it for 24: Live Another Day
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    I'll never get the hate for the title "Spectre". It refers back to the earlier days in the franchise where the film is named after the villain, and also houses a double meaning (Spectre - ghost from the past).
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    Shrugs I don't hate Spectre as a title though two s word titles in a row was genuinely annoying... As for me while everyone hates Blofeld as a title I feel the character is so iconic that yeah his last name could work as the title of a bond film. Again much like Spectre certain things I have to admit are just iconic in the world of bond. Of course while this would go against my theory (location then orgnization then location etc) if Craig can only be enticed for one more then I want it to be the final conflict between bond and Blofeld (ripping the climax of you only live twice the novel and putting it straight on screen) of course if he can be brought back for two more then I would be happy if the next two titles were

    The Garden of Death: sure I do kind of like that Craig hasn't had a single death die or kill title in his tenure and also as I pointed out titles like Risico The Silver Phantom heck even The Hildebrand Rarity could all point to the location of the finale and work with the pattern (my personal favorite is The Hildebrand Rarity and with Spectre hinting at it...and Craig back in 09 saying the producers did like that title but were waiting for the right time..) I have to be honest and say The Garden of Death is probably the location title many hardcore bond fans and casual Bond fans will like the most.

    Blofeld: again assuming bond 25 is the garden of death and many of the loose ends from Spectre are wrapped up here (Swann, retiring from mi6 etc) except of course for Blofeld then yeah I would like this to be the final film and chronologically it makes sense
    We are introduced to Quantum/Spectre in Casino Royale
    Learn more about them in Quantum of Solace and see bond destabilize it
    See then Quantum/Spectre I guess strike back in Skyfall (seriously if they were on the outs with Jesper Christian would of been that hard to have Guy Haines in Skyfall maybe as the person trying to push Bond and M out to pasture)
    Spectre we meet the head
    The garden of death Blofeld authorizes one more bit of pain for Bond
    Blofeld bond and Blofeld have one final confrontation.

    Of course then by this point Hiddleston will in theory be 38/9 and the marvel world will be largely behind him and he can take on Bond 27 with ease

    My thoughts only of course
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    Of the chapter titles posted, I'm actually a fan of Reflections In a Double Bourbon. It's unique, mysterious and still sounds like Bond to me.

    I think it could work. You'd have to use Bond drinking as a framing device. Off the top of my head: PTS in the TSWLM mold. M needs him for something, Moneypenny explains he's in *insert country here*, we get a cool action setpiece. When he returns to London, M gives him an assignment involving a girl from his past. Lets say she's an allied agent (American probably) and he has to extract her from some hostile country. Later in a bar, before departing for the mission, Bond finds himself drinking a particular bourbon, and reminisces about how he met the girl. He met her on a mission. They were both investigating the villain at some sort of party/gala/event thing, and before their introductions (Bond, James Bond) they struck up a conversation at the bar about good bourbon. Bond recommends her his favourite.

    This past mission would form most of the plot, it'd be where the stakes and villain are, some world saving adventure. At different points in the story we cut back to the present day with Bond trying to track down this girl (to extract her, his current mission) and coming across visual cues that remind him of what happened last time he met her. The present day story would basically be Bond coming to terms with having to see one of the many girls he's abandoned over the years, wondering what he'll say and how she'll eact, while the main plot, the flashbacks, would be pretty much a buddy movie with him and this girl working together to beat the villain. When the past story concludes, he leaves her in bed after telling her he'll be right back. In the present, he finds her dead. He was too late, she'd been murdered, and near the body (lets say it's in a flat, a safehouse) is a half empty crystal whiskey glass. It's the bourbon Bond recommended her that he was drinking at the bar earlier.

    I know that's probably too sombre and pretentious for a Bond film but the title could work is my point. Other than that, I really like Shatterhand as a title. Risico is okay. Property Of A Lady, The Hilderbrand Rarity, are both awful imo. But then I'm of the opinion that a Fleming title doesn't necessarily mean a good one. I still think Quantum Of Solace is the worst title of the series.
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    I'm fine with any of the remaining short story titles (except 007 in New York- just call it Thrilling Cities).
    I like The Hildebrand Rarity quite a bit as well as The Property of A Lady. I think what is often forgotten is there was variety in Fleming's titles. Live And Let Die followed Casino Royale. Two completely different sounding titles. I think some of the later film titles has lost that sense of variety.
    As for chapter titles I'd throw in The Elegant Venus and Seascape With Figures. They'd fit in with the more romantic sounding Bond titles.
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    I love the title 007 IN NEW YORK.
    I do too. There is something Pulpy about it.
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    I think they've pretty much mined most of the usable Fleming titles. None of the short story titles that are left really work for me as film titles. There are a few things from the novels that could work ("The Death Collector" and "A Whisper of Hate"), but other than just a very small number of those, the rest really aren't suitable IMO. They're probably better off sticking to original titles.
  • 007 in New York could be a short film or something, I guess.
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    I think the almost-titles of the novels are better than chapter titles. The Belles of Hell and The Rough with the Smooth come to mind.
  • Birdleson wrote: »
    As I've said multiple times, I feel that many existing Bond films would have benefitted if they had been tightened and edited down to 90 minutes or so.

    Well. 100 mins to 120 mins I think should be the aim. So I do agree.
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    To me 007 In New York seems like its an episode of a Late Night Talk Show where James Bond is the guest and the main event is concentrated on him. It wouldn't work for a film title.
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    OHMSS, CR, and SF all had epic scopes to them and justified their longer running times. SP just dragged on. (Why wasn't the climax in Morocco?)
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    Murder on wheels
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    Risico007 wrote: »
    Murder on wheels

    I would take that.
    How about just Drive-By? The American way? :))
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    I just want to point out something unique James Bond has had 24 official films and out of those films only 3 (though Fleming purists would argue 2 as the phrase Die another Day was in fleming's papers so shrugs) have been original titles and what is crazy and kind of awesome is that they could use Fleming titles for the next 24 films and while not everyone would love all the titles the general public would be fine with most of them. I think that is extremly unique as heck even amongst comic book movies 9/10ths of the time it's an original title same with Jason Bourne and Jack Ryan... And before people say anything I could come up with 24 titles without using James Bond, 007, or 007 in New York

    My quick list
    1. Risico
    2. The Hildebrand Rarity
    3. The property of a lady
    4. Blofeld
    5. Shatterhand
    6. A whisper of love a whisper of hate
    7. The quickness of the hand
    8. Operation Bedlam
    9. The Silver Phantom
    10. The Garden of Death
    11. The Death Collector
    12. The rough with the smooth
    13. Death leaves an Echo
    14. Midnight Among the worms
    15. Valley Of Shadows (my personal favorite among the chapter titles)
    16. The Nature of Evil
    17. Dead Reckoning
    18. Hot Ice
    19. The Beautiful Lure
    20. The finger on the trigger
    21. All the time in the world
    22. Reflections in a double bourbon
    23. Pink lights and Champaign
    24. The pressure room

    And all of these could work beautifully... Honestly I think as bond fans we are lucky considering how many great (and not so great but passable) titles Fleming had...
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    If Craig returns…
    The Navel-Gazer
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    If Craig returns…
    The Navel-Gazer

    Makes me think of lent.
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    or Lint ;)
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