How long should EON wait to produce another Bond film after Craig's departure?

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Just been thinking, when the best Bond actor aever leaves the role (hopefully after at least another 3-4 films) how long should EON leave it before releasing a film with a new actor. I'd quite like a 4 year gap like they did post-Brosnan. That's the problem the Batman film makers have got now Nolan and Bale have left. There's nothing more annoying than a premature reboot ie Amazing Spiderman.


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    May be better to continue this here:

    A three year wait could be best and needed in order to recast though.
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    They should make another movie asap. I mean, are YOU getting any younger? I know I'M not.

    And holy cow, I sense a mod intervention any second...
  • They should carry on as normal. I hate having big gaps between my Bond films. If they manage to get a film out every 2 years for the rest of Craigs era, I wouldn't stop doing that when he leaves.

    When they're shooting his last film, they should get some people in mind and start looking for other actors so they can carry on as normal, one every 2 years.
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    I do not want to wait more than two years for a Bond movie!
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    BondBug wrote:
    I do not want to wait more than two years for a Bond movie!

    Well, but you have no choice, 2 years is the minium gap to have a Bond movie out. They have to hire actors who also do other movies (even Craig), as well as directors and all the like, location scouting, writing a script, polish it, etc. ;)
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    If you were running a successful business, would you arbitrarily decide to put it on hold for a year or so and not make any money? I doubt you would, so why should EON.
    Making Bond films is a profitable enterprise so I see no reason why EON would want to prolong the gap between films.
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    5 Years between 2017-2022 or 3 years between 2019 and 2022 if DC make a 6th movie in 2019.
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    The shouldn't wait at all. EoN didn't wait during the transition between Moore to Dalton. that would be dumb to wait.
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    But back in the '80s, they were trying to keep to the every two years gap between films. I'm not sure that's the case these days. I reckon they'll produce a new actor's first film three years after Craig's last one.
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    Please follow Sam's link.
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