would Micheal Cane made it as Bond

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any one think he would of made a good bond film


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    You mean Michael Caine?
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    oorogers wrote:
    any one think he would of made a good bond film

    It is Micheal Caine, like his friend Roger Moore & Sean Connery called Sir, and he did the anti-Bond Harry Palmer. Great Music as well by a certain unknown composer John Barry.

    The Harry Palmer books are still available as are the movies and they are consiously different from the 007 formula and a pretty entertaining in their own way.

    Mr. Caine is actually quite good and would have made a not so good 007. IMHO

  • This is the place for that- http://www.mi6community.com/index.php?p=/discussion/2589/who-shouldcould-be-a-bond-actor/p11

    I actually mentioned Caine myself once or twice- I agree he would have been interesting! I'd have loved to see him do one or two in the early 70's or so
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    Yeah, 30 or 40 years ago, maybe. Maybe in a couple of years, if EON decides they want a Bond who's on his last legs.
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    He would have had to have done something about the accent though if he did?
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    And we are L O C K E D.
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