What actor do you think would play a good villain and why?



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    Strong nay be too predictable now. But depending how the role is written I wouldn't be against it.
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    Maybe time to finally have an Australian Bond Villain. Some good Aussie actors out there here are a few.

    Colin Friels

    Peter O Brien

    John Waters

    David Waters
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    They went from Scandinavian, to French, to Spanish. My bet is that the next villain will be played by a British or Irish actor.
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    Oh, heres a good one. John Waters.
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    I concur with those who earlier mentioned comments in this thread about Jessica Lange. I think she is unhinged just enough to make the hairs on the back of my neck come to full attention as a Bond villainess. As an added bonus from my perspective, she's a fellow Minnesotan!

    Nick Nolte also comes to mind.

    What about non-traditional choices? David Bowie...Iggy Pop...? Perhaps a bit of someone unexpected like the gentleman formerly known as Reginald Dwight ;-), or Steve Coogan, or Alan Ruck (who happens to have a daughter with the first name of Vesper)...maybe John Turturro?

    And in the category of reality imitating frightening art: Dick Cheney.
  • Just remember David Bowie could have been our Max Zorin. He opted out but Walken was great but still I reckon Bowie would have been interesting.
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    I want Kim Kold cast as a henchman. He's in the new fast 6 movie and I think he'll be a great physical presence.
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    Christoph Waltz would be bring some entertainment as a colourful Bond nemesis or Jim Caviezel with his methodical screen presence; he could provide a very calculating character to test Bonds wits.

    It would also be nice to see a new female Bond villain; actresses Salma Hayek, Penélope Cruz or Eva Mendes adding the exotic double cross to confuse Bond.
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    Waltz is a deffo. I watched him in Water for Elephants and his personality shifts in the film reminded me of a Bond villain, he would certainly be top of my list. Gary Oldman would be another top choice he plays the bad guy well and hasn't done it for a while so why not with Bond?

    James McAvoy is someone else who could give Daniel a run for his money at being a villain.

    And finally, what about Ryan Gosling? The new Max Zorin type of villain?
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    A real screen presence in many films, possibly a controversial suggestion, "Michael Douglas", in his younger years would have been an exceptional villain; when he has played the darker personalities in past films, he seems to be in possession of an undercurrent of restrained, but if provoked, highly explosive temper; there is a real feeling of my-way or highway when his ambitions look to be frustrated.

    If he had been cast as a megalomaniac character dominating industry, with his sights set on world stage control, he could have brought some electrifying entertainment and proved to be a very shrewd nemesis for Bond to contemplate, and finally need to deal with.
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    Colm Meaney
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    Hugo Weaving

    red skull in cap america. i like his cold, brutal German general character
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    I'll reiterate my opinion that Sidney Poitier and Alec Guinness as Kananga and Drax respectively, in the early 60's, would've been absolutely outstanding.
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    Jason Isaacs would be interesting to see play a villain, almost matching Bond's look.
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    jolearon wrote:
    Jason Isaacs would be interesting to see play a villain, almost matching Bond's look.

    Hello to Jason Issacs!
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    I think my reservation with Jason Isaacs is that he looks a bit to much like Bond. He is the right age to play the villain, but his look is a bit too good. They could go Silva on him though, and use heavy makeup to transform his appearance radically.
  • A few newbies to add here that may have Bond villain appeal include

    Ray Stevenson


    Stellen Skarsgard I think would be a candidate for Blofeld. I mean if they did introduce Blofeld he looks a little bit like Donald Pleasance. Still could make a decent Bond baddie me thinks.

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    A few years ago Stellan Skarsgard would have been among my first choices as Blofeld, now he may be getting old. But I think if they ever use Blofeld, let's make him as different as Pleasence's as possible.
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    Yes, he's a bit like Bond...


    Once you see a few evil looking photos of him, this could change your perception a bit.


    (Not that I like the HP look, just couldn't find a decent angry photo of him, ha.)
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    I just saw Gladiator again, and although I realize it likely won't happen, I'd love to see Joachim Phoenix as a villain in a Bond film one day.

    His Commodus was quite disturbing and he projects 'unbalanced' quite well on screen.

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