Changes to MI6 Community user interface, features, etc

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<b>This thread is closed and is for information only. Comments regarding the changes can be made in <a href="">this thread</a></b>

The Discussions pages have been improved to add dynamic links.

If you are not logged in:
- The link will take you to the first post in the Discussion

If you are logged in AND there are unread Comments (as counted by the yellow tickers)
- The link will take you to the first new Comment, even if it's after Page 1 by automatically paginating

If you are logged in AND there are no new Comments
- The link will take you to the very last Comment (as you have already read the Discussion)


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    Given the improvement in the Discussion links, the number of Comments per page has been reduced to a more manageable '30'.
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    Pagination links have been added to the top of every multi-page Discussion, under and to the right of the Discussion title.

    If the Discussion is only a single page, you will not see any change.
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    'In this Discussion' has been added to the sidebar. You can find it under the 'Categories' list. It gives you a short-list of all the members that have made Comments and the last date/time they posted in that particular Discussion.

    If a new Discussion has yet to receive any comments, you won't see this panel.
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    'Who's Online' has been added to the sidebar, under 'Categories' (or under 'In this Discussion if it is present). This list is updated periodically.
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    A slight change has made it in today: the font color of the current page in a multi-page discussion has been change from grey to orange, making it clearer which page is being viewed.
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    Quotes have been styled such that they stand out from the "parent" post.
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    A Comprehensive MI6 Community How To Guide has been posted in the general section and will soon be listed under the Announcements.

    A Technical Roadmap has been added as well describing ongoing changes, known defects, and suggestions for improvement.
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    Some major back-end updates were made today which had one side-effect: the current 'highlight to quote' tool had to be removed. Instead, a regular 'Quote' link is available atop each post, akin to the usual forum methods for quoting.

    These code engine tweaks have addressed multiple bugs and niggles - the full extent is still being documented. See the post linked below for a shortlist:
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    A large group of updates was made which can be discussed over <a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/1898/mi6-community-2011-upgrade-changes-fixes">here</a>

    <li>BBCode is now standard for posting
    <li>Buttons for easy formatting are now available
    <li>BBCode and HTML tags are now supported in Private Messages
    <li>New sub-categories were created for Movies (Actors, Music, Trivia & Games), and SkyFall Spoilers which is also hidden before login
    <li>Back to Top link available in all discussions
    <li>Email notifications have been updated for with more customization options in User Profiles
    <li>Pop-up notifications are now available in User Profiles
    <li>Home button customization available with 4 available views (Latest Discussions, Activity, Categories, Discussions by Categories)
    <li>New Personal information available for customization in User Profile
    <li>Inbox New Private Message know defect showing incorrect amount of new messages fixed
    <li>Inbox Discussions now displaying Picture of a recipient at all times even if you are the latest to respond to a conversation
    <li>Multiple new emoticons are available, also known defective emoticons now functional
    <li>Time stamp set to London GMT

    <a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/371/mi6-community-technical-roadmap">MI6 Technical Roadmap</a> has been updated with latest changes.
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