The Next Bond Era Predictions Game

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Hello, I thought it would be fun and unique from the other threads to do a specific "prediction" game for the upcoming Bond actor's tenure.

Rules: try to keep each idea to one sentence, so no full pitches or paragraphs, please. Keep it short and to a point, like you grabbed a fact out of the future.

Goals: The goal here should be to have a bit of fun and/or introduce a bit your life into Bond's world in a believable way, perhaps. Another goal could be to try to introduce something new or unexpected but believable to the franchise. What would a modern Bond get up to? What have we not yet seen Bond do? What's left from the books, or the continuation novels, that you'd love to see?

An easy example: Bond will face a woman as a main villain. There, that one's take and out of the way. Now for something more creative.

I'll start with just one prediction to set the mood:

James Bond will play mahjong in a high stakes scene/setting.

Have fun!


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    Either Q/Moneypenny/Leiter will have a big part in the storyline like M's in SF.

    Blofeld will be brought back, within the next three movies, with some more creative thinking behind his portrayal.

    A pair of films will be filmed back to back.

    A continuation novel will be adapted, but not Colonel Sun.

    Gregg Wilson will take his father's place, within the next 2 films.
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    Bond 26 in 2025 or 2026. Delay of NTTD, mabey delay next movie too. Producers wil possible go for save and wil release it in September/october or November/December 2026. But even July 2027 is les then 6 years.

    We have seen difrent fairytales elements in or around Daniel Craig era. Bond 26 more Alice in Wonderland, Roald Dahl, Hans and Grietje, Rat Player with a new Wolf and a bit of Rumpelstiltskin (Promosing you gold and if you know his name you wil win a price).

    Group who is started by individual lyer (Pinocchio) and growing fast, is that not we like so much about Quantum try to be. Mabey with a bit of help of John Garder Sea Fire. If there use title i think there should change it bit name it Sea Of Fire. Moost known i like to see Dominic Greene and Camile returns, but atleast his words from QOS or DC Bond in NTTD about playing God should be basic for Bond 26 even with new actor as Bond and ''new?'' villian.

    If there whant to use ''Shaken Not Stirred", ''Risico'' then it should be now.

    Not only English but also another language: German, Spanish. Possible a song like NTTD did

    Directer Author of all you pain:



    Who knows about mixing up Fantasy with horror (and another gerne). The directer won't be Martin Campbell or Nolan. Somebody like Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland life action movie, Batman, Batman Returns) who has experience with playing with dolls. Guillermo del Toro (Who made his own version of Pinokkio/ Pinocchio) and Alfonso Cuarón (Harry Potter 3.). After i watched El orfanato, so before he made Jurassic World 2 for Universal i sugest J.A. Bayona as directer.

    Guillermo del Toro, Park Chan-wook (Stoker) and Bong Joon-ho have talked with Barbara about NTTD. Del Toro had earlier some creatief difrence with Universal (who making Bond 26) about Crimson Peak and you can see a bit in final movie, but also made Pacific Rim movie with Warner (Making Bond 27/28). Two from the 4 i collected that i watched. The other Shape of Water i haven't seen yet and that also count for his Spanish movie (El laberinto del fauno). Or there will go for Danny Boyle (He not direct NTTD, but does not mean Eon not stil have him in there mind.) or somebody like Oliver Stone (Savages).

    Directer finally rated and this movie R

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    In a very visceral scene Bond dies, the film pauses for maximum effect, and then 007 wakes from a dream.

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