Who was Jaws working for in MR's pre credits sequence?

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He couldn't have been working for Drax at that time (Come to think of it, how could he have fit inside that plane, without Bond's knowledge?).

Your thoughts?


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    I always just assumed he was working for the man with the sunglasses and moustache or else he was another henchman working for the undisclosed main villain. I suppose we're not meant to think too much about it as we're not given any definite information about Jaws's employer. It's just intended to be an unrelated mission being tidied up by Bond in spectacular fashion at the start of the film. It's designed to get the audience in the mood for the film while the exposition scenes with M, Q, the Minister of Defence and Dr Holly Goodhead are played out afterwards.
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    He never worked for anyone in the PTS, it's simple that he wants revenge for what Bond did to him in TSWLM, he fed him to a shark, got lost in the middle of the sea, Bond lifted him by lowering down the magnet pulley on his metallic teeth.

    Of course, the man wants a payback! He wants revenge!

    About the man with a moustache, he might hired him, for sure Jaws got paid by Stromberg for his services to him.
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    There's no way of knowing who Jaws' employer was in the PTS, but remember later in the film Drax makes a phonecall to someone about finding a replacement for Cha. Jaws was a henchman for hire!
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    We have a perfectly good thread to ask such questions...


    Appropriately called, The James Bond Questions Thread. ;)

    Please feel free to repost and continue there.
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