Slow Horses [AppleTV+]

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Thought I might as well make a thread for this show in case anybody wants to discuss it.

First up, some good news. Series 3 and 4 have just begun filming.

Much like the first two series (though only series 1 has been released thus far) it's being shot as one big 10-11 month filming block.

Presumably to amortise the costs of filming, set construction and flying Oldman and Scott-Thomas out to the UK. (He lives in California and she lives in France.)
"A lengthy shoot on the second filming tranche of Apple TV+’s Slow Horses has just begun in London, to be delivered as Series 3 and 4.

From See-Saw Films, it is based on Mick Herron’s Slough House spy thrillers.

Gary Oldman plays Jackson Lamb, a washed-up spy who, after a botched mission, ends up in MI5’s dumping ground, Slough House, where the service rejects are known as ‘slow horses’. Jack Lowden and Kristin Scott Thomas are among the starry cast.

The third series centres on the disgraced group attempting to foil a rogue agent when one of their own team is kidnapped, and the fourth opens with a bombing.

As with the first run, which formed S1 and S2, the production will shoot for 10-11 months and then tx as two series of six episodes each."


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    I've not seen this series (don't have Apple TV+) or read any of the novels by Mick Herron yet but I've heard that they're a bit like John Gardner's Boysie Oakes novels with the incompetent agent theme. For that alone I'd like to try them out some time and wouldn't mind seeing this series either if it was ever released commercially.
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    I watched the first series a couple of months. A really nice, tightly written series with great performances all round. I was glad to hear that they'd already filmed the second series and that two more series have been ordered.
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    I love the novels and the TV series carries that ethos through really well. Looking forward to the second series!
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