John Barry 'The Concert' 1972

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I couldn't find a relevant thread for this but thought it was quite interesting; I saw someone mention this on Twitter- in this recording from 1972 you can hear a musical phrase that Barry didn't use in a Bond film until The Living Daylights. And it also has the more string-heavy version of the Bond theme he didn't really use in a film until a couple of years later:

(Start at about 2.29)


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    This is excellent! Great find; thank you, @mtm!
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    One of my favorite arrangements and performances of the Bond theme. I love hearing the melody played by an orchestra. Nothing like those stirring staccato notes on brass and strings. Barry revisited this suite for his Moviola II album.

    Also, his music for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is off the charts. Curiouser... and curiouser...

    Edit: That Bond suite also includes that terrific arrangement of OHMSS. I first discovered it through a re-recording performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, which played in the main menu of the SE DVD of OHMSS-- the first Bond DVD I owned. Barry improved the arrangement slightly for Moviola II by adding drums.
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