A Farewell to Daniel, good luck card

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Hi all, Daniel has played 007 for the last time, and as in many offices and factories etc. I thought we could
send him a virtual " Good luck " card with a few stories and memories of watching him in his Bond tenure.

I can still remember the excitement after watching him in CR way back in 2006, My one thought was " They've
made Bond Dangerous again " That was the high, then came the low. I managed to watch QOS in a special cinema
showing for cinema staff the night before it went on full release, I was that shocked, that on arriving home my
Wife asked me if anything was wrong ? :)) It took me a long time but I've come to really enjoy QOS and have
defended it in a few discussions. With SF I was once again a happy Bond fan and don't really get the hatred directed
at Spectre, I think it's an excellent movie ..... Not perfect admittedly but still fun. NTTD, I've only seen once but have
already ordered the 4k steel book, Another epic Bond outing.
So if writing a message on his leaving card I guess it wold be something like .....

" Best of luck for the future Daniel. I've had so much fun, excitement and laughs watching you since 2006. You have
taken my Hero and modernised him, made Bond once again an Event movie, breaking records and expectations of what Bond
should be. I hope to continue following your career as I expect there are many great movies ahead of you. Thanks for
these films which I'll still be enjoying for years to come. "


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    "I'm not one for speeches, so I'll just say this: It's been real.

    And yes, Dan, you'll forever be remembered as grumpy Bond.

    Say hi to your wife for me."
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