Will there be another 007 Funko POP release?

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The Wish List: Dalton, Lazenby, Diana Ring, current and original Q & M; Dr. No, Goldfinger, Largo, and Blofeld/Telly.


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    I am not sure how popular they are? They did a second round (which is good) but if I could pick some more:
    • Auric Goldfinger
    • Tracey DiVicenso
    • Tee Hee (Red Suit and Claw)
    • Drax
    • May Day
    • Karl Mortner
    • Sanchez (With Iguana)
    • Pam Bouvier
    • Boris Grishenko (Frozen)
    • Electra
    • Zao

    Thinking of which characters that would make visually distinct Pop Funkos.
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    Please feel free to continue this discussion in the already existing thread. Thanks.

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