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  • 007InVT wrote:
    Quick question didn't Fleming say in his novels that there only ever 3 00's in the section at any given time?

    True - 007, 008, 0011

    Can anyone tell me in which books 008 and 0011 appear and what happens to them?

    I posted a fuller answer in the literary thread ( but it's MR. 008 is injured after a mission and 0011 is missing. By the time of OHMSS there's a 006 (presumably a replacement for 0011)
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    I was going to make a thread for this thank for bringing the back up and instead of me making one and getting it closed! So all the double O's are no 001(Maybe TB) , 002 ( TMWTGG , TLD),003 (AVTAK) , 004 (TLD) 005 ( Maybe TB) 006 (TB & GE) 007 (DN-SF) 008 (GF and I think he got mentioned in TMWTGG mentioned in a novel and shared an office with 007 and 0011) 009 (OP,TWINE) 0010 ( Maybe TB) 0011 (Maybe TB and is mentioned in 2 novels I think and shares an office with 007 and 008) I have no idea why I decided to mention it but for anyone who didn't know. Does anyone else find it amazing how some of these agents get Licence to Kill? I mean 002, 004,003 and maybe 009 what do they have to do get shot or something to gain there Licence to Kill? You can see why 006 and 007 got their's but the other lot oh my days! Also to mention wasn't 008 in Hong Kong in GF & TMWTGG for both films or I dont know if it was TMWTGG might of been I have to check.
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    I liked this scene - 006 had a beard, so not sure if he was Trevelyan 30 years before or not.
  • 007InVT007InVT Classified
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    Does 009 show up in any of Fleming's novels?
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    I haven't read Thunderball in ages, but apparently 009 gets a mention.
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    Considering all the upcoming superhero crossover movies, 'Avengers' and 'Avengers 2', 'Superman vs. Batman' and 'Justice League', a spin-off movie that introduces a team of 00-agents would seem tempting and could actually do financial wonders for the Bond franchise. But I sincerely hope that this will never happen.....
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    007InVT wrote:
    Does 009 show up in any of Fleming's novels?

    Yes, he does in Thunderball (1961) where I believe that he is temporary head of the Double-O section. M mentions him in the briefing scene with Bond. First and only mention of 009, although he is featured in many other formats beyond the original novels. Hope this is of some help, @007InVT!
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