New Game Ideas?

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So @goldenswissroyale and I were having a little chat and we both really enjoy getting stuck into some Bond games, challenges and trivia quizzes. There are already some great threads already running, such as Odd One Out and Guess The Character that really get you thinking and pondering, as well as some fun elimination games.

But we really would like to see more quick games, that you can dip in and out of really quickly, something to keep us going for the long months ahead while NTTD turns up. Do any of you guys have any burning ideas for new games that we could get up and running?

I already have one or two ideas which Iwill try out over the next few weeks. They will either work and people will enjoy them, in which case great, or they won't spark anybody's interest in which case, no problem, we can let them die a gentle death. If anyone else has any other ideas, let's share them, see what we think and hopefully end up with more amusement and diversion for us!

With that in mind, I've started off a Quarter Frame Game here, if anyone wants to give it a go


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    Being a collector, I came up with a 'guess the theme' game, where you post a photo of a group of Bond items, and people have to guess what the theme is. There has to be at least 2 items in the photo. The more items in the photo, the easier it would be to guess the theme. Or would it?
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    Nice idea @QBranch, I was thinking a game revolving around objects/props would be interesting, and ended up turning that into the quarter-frame game, so your idea could be a good one for actual objects.

    I know you're one of our residents prop experts around here, so if you fancy having a think through and starting it off I'd certainly be happy to play. Alternately if you prefer then please feel free to use this thread to give it a trial run, or wait to see what others think!

    Thanks for the suggestion :)
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    That's a nice idea!
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