Keeping the British End Up Sir!

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A daily update of your day using a single Bond quote and why you used it. Books, Films, Songs, Ads, Radio plays, Actor's Quotes...anything goes as long as it is attached to all things Bond.

'You like a close shave, don't you?'....watching Allison save that penalty today against Chelsea.


  • conradhankersconradhankers Underground
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    'JUST A SLIGHT STIFFNESS COMING ON...' Really did fall over and hurt my shoulder in the kitchen.
  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
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    At work, when my clumsy offsider drops his tools: "Time to face gravity."
  • conradhankersconradhankers Underground
    Posts: 215
    'This never happened to the other fella'...I was manning front of house today and it was the poorest day of sales all week.
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    "I need to lay down." (Madonna)
    It was a busy day... 😉
  • DeathToSpies84DeathToSpies84 Haydock, England
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    ”Ever get the feeling someone doesn’t like you?" Muttered under my breath at a colleague I dislike at work today.
  • conradhankersconradhankers Underground
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    “Hm,' said Bond. 'Bogeyman stuff.”

    Watching the game today.... :((
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