In the wake of the NTTD news Pitch us Bond 26.

this thread will hopefully not be deleted but I thought as a fun creative way lets assume Craig and the mi6 principles are coming back and Bond 26 is a stand alone film with no connections (since we honestly don't know the fate of Biofield Swann etc in No time to die)

your plot summery and cast can be as elaborate or as brief as you want but to make us feel a bit of pressure and to hopefully get more replies faster they are planning on filming May -October lets say with a release in April 2021

so let us begin

when dealing with time constraints and pressure as well as budget concerns and health concerns always go back to Fleming


Bond has to investigate a brash of bizarre murders on a military based before a conference of leaders convene at the base (taking from From a view to a kill and The Hildebrand Rarity)

I shall go into more detail soon


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    Delay or not, we're trying to keep things NTTD-focused for now. Not looking to overpopulate the forum with B26 and beyond talk just yet when the latest film hasn't even been seen.
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