James Bond Symphonique at the Grand Rex

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A concert featuring various Bond themes will take place at the movie theater Le Grand Rex in Paris on february 14th and 15th 2020, and in a few french (and one swiss) cities afterwards. Guess I'll have to buy my tickets in advance for this one :


Les 14 et 15 février 2020 au Grand Rex, le 21 novembre 2020 à Lyon, le 22 novembre 2020 à Genève, le 16 janvier 2021 à Rennes, le 17 janvier 2021 à Nantes, le 30 janvier 2021 à Rouen, le 31 janvier 2021 à Caen et le 6 février 2021 à Amnéville.

Here are the dates :

Le Grand Rex, Paris : February 14th and 15th 2020
Lyon : November 21st 2020
Geneva : November 22nd 2020
Rennes : January 16th 2021
Nantes : January 17th 2021
Rouen : January 30th 2021
Caen : January 31st 2021
Amnéville : February 6th 2021



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    Bought my ticket this morning. Will tell you how it went when I see it.
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    All right, here's my review of the concert :

    On saturday, february 15th, I got a round of applause by the audience at the Grand Rex in Paris. Why, might you ask ? Well because I knew the answer to the question the orchestra leader asked, which was "Who composed the music of TSWLM ?" I mean, that's something every Bond fan knows, but I was the only one to say the answer out loud.

    Okay, now that that is said, let's talk about the concert itself. It started at 20.00(ish), and during the three hours it lasted, we were treated to some of the most famous themes associated to the franchise. It started with the other Bond theme, 007, and continued by a mix of various orchestral pieces (John Barry getting of course the lion's share, but there was also some Marvin Hamlisch, Michael Kamen and David Arnold put in for good measure) and songs. Singer/actress Prisca Desmarez sang the "Girl Songs" (starting with DAF, and ending with GF, with other songs including "Nobody Does It Better", YOLT, SF and GE) while singer/actor Damien Sargues sang the "Men Songs (starting with FRWL and ending with "You Know My Name", with nods to TLD and AVTAK). The orchestra, under the direction of Samuel Sené completed the program ith instrumental suites from TB, YOLT, OHMSS, TSWLM, MR, LTK and TWINE, among others. Samuel Sené served also as the MC, telling us about the stories behind the songs and tunes we heard, and giving us a small course about the musical theories behind each song, and gently quizzing us about the movies.

    At the end, for the encore, we had a little surprise : the sheet music for NTTD having been edited that day, he offered a instrumental version at the piano (with the help of three of his 50 musicians), before priscilla and Damien sang the best duet of the series. No, not "Another Way to Die", thank heavens, but LALD, before the orchestra reprised the James Bond Theme. The concert got a well-deserved standing ovation, and I really was glad to have been in the audience that night.

    Now, on to the negative part of the review (don't worry, nothing to do with the concert itself). First, you would have expected a merchandise stand, but there weren't any, not even a programme of the concert. And second, the trip back home was anything but smooth. Due to the rarity of transportation at this time of night, I had to walk a bit longer than I expected, managing to get home at 1.15 am. But the concert was worth it, and when it goes on tour, I recommand it to all Bond fans in the places it will take place (look at the first post to know when and where). And if you want to have a taste of how it was like, feast your eyes and your ears on this :

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