Jaws or Oddjob?

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The two most memorable and classic henchmen in the Bond franchise, as considered by the public viewers: Jaws and Oddjob. I watched a video trailer last year for GoldenEye on the Wii, and it was showing a little fight between Jaws and Oddjob, with Richard Kiel "commentating" if you will. That got me thinking, "Which one of them would win if it came down to an epic duel?" What do you guys think? For me, I'd say Oddjob. He's smarter than the easily fooled Jaws, and can kill from long range with his bowler hat.


  • Neither! Truman-Lodge "You just cost x amount of million Dollars!". No wonder Franz Sanchez had to start cutting overheads.
  • Oddjob with The Bowler Hat. JAWS is a comedy character like Sharkey ("What a terrible waste.....Of Money!"), Dario ("Dont worry, We gave her a nice Honeymooooooooon"), Proffesor Joe Butcher ("Bless your Hearts").
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    Jaws was a brutal killer in TSWLM and not so much for comedy relief like he was in MR.
    so lets say the Jaws from TSWLM versus Oddjob...
    I cannot pick a winner. Oddjob could kill from afar but Jaws is so industructible that I doubt he would fall to the hat. If Oddjob got his hands on Jaws it would come down to brute strength...Oddjob is shorter and it would be all about leverage. I don't know.
  • I think someone here must sleep with License To Kill under their pillow :-O

    Having watched Goldfinger very recently and thinking that Sekata did a fine job as the mute Oddjob, I still feel Kiel would be too much for him, wasn't the character supposed to be indestructable, either way for his sheer size and presence, Jaws for me

    Sekata would only have his bowler to rely on, he's no match for the other in single handed combat, I think if Jaws got his hands on him it could be curtains for Oddjob. I can't ever recall Jaws being electrocuted in his two appearances, but if it did for Oddjob than I have a feeling it wouldn't harm Kiel too much, i.e. you just know he would survive. There can only be one winner for me.

    There should of been a 'James Bond 'Mortal Kombat' sort of tournament over the years to determine these kinds of things
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    Stamper. I vote Stamper. His single biggest attribute being that he's German.
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    Jaws. He's got more of a unique henchman look than Oddjob, and in the first two acts of TSWLM, he comes across as a character from a horror movie.
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    Oddjob. At least he's from Fleming. Jaws was OK but look what he was turned into!
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    JAWS! although I wish Oddjob made it to other movies like Jaws....
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    @Baltimore_007: Jaws got electrocuted on the train in TSWLM just to refresh your memory. Bond broke the lamp and put the electricity current up to Jaws' teeth. However, he didn't die. Oddjob got electrocuted and he died, but then again, Bond held the electric cord on the metal bars longer than he put the lamp up to Jaws' teeth, so who knows. It has made me think though. Do we know that Oddjob died? We saw him fall to the ground, but was he just knocked out? If he did turn out alive, then the US soldiers arrested him.
  • I was aware of the Spy bit on the train with Bach but somehow didn't think it was worth an inclusion, maybe Jaws was indestructible after all or that's how they wanted it to appear, he crashed out of a speeding train, and fell through the roof of a house if memory serves and walked away with a bit of dust. Even in Moonraker with the cable car bit and crashing through the building he was still able, although then lo and behold they decided he wasn't able to lift a wheel off himself and his 'soon to be girlfriend' offered assistance and did it herself with minimal effort. Bad idea and should of been left out. All said, Jaws would win this battle, I could not see any other conclusion

    It's fair to assume that Oddjob perished as he was not deemed Indestructible, merely a mute heavy for the main bad guy, as in Spy and Moonraker I suppose.

    Actor Sekata did indeed get burned filming the scene by all accounts, and isin't it incredible how Bond's help arrives from the top of the stairs to the very bottom to disarm the device in ten seconds flat, I couldn't help but notice after a recent viewing, it's as though time stood still while they frantically got down the stairs in time to save Connery's backside.

    Oh, and Oddjob seemes to be smiling half the time while Bond is hitting him in the face with bits of wood and hurling gold bars at him and they tussle with each other. It all seemed a bit kinky at times, if not bizarre

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    I can't imagine Oddjob defending himself against a shark with his bowler hat. Jaws wins.
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    Oddjob for me...both are classic, but Jaws was forever ruined with MR. That being said, I'd still put Oddjob over Jaws in TSWLM.

    As of now, Oddjob is easily my favorite henchman of the film series.
  • Jaws. He was James Bond's first larger than life character.
  • Oddjob wins, he would use his lower center of gravity to his advantage. Take Jaws legs out and chop him down like a tree, Oddjob is seriously tough as was Sakata. Also Jaws was undermined too much by the cringe worthy comedy elements.
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    Well at least Jaws eventually went back to his evil self according to everyone's favorite 007 animated spin off :D

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    What a way to start us off!
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    Of course Oddjob would win! Jaws id clumsy and incompetent beyond belief...
  • Jaws, especially if he’s disguised as a mechanic in a van he makes look comically small
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