GoldenEye with John Barry cues

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I just finished putting this one video together, taking a cue from John Barry's THE SPECIALIST soundtrack and splicing it in this clip in GOLDENEYE. I think it actually fits neatly with the pulsating strings syncing with the countdown.

And just for old memory's sake, two I did years back, using a recording of John Barry's renditions of 007 and the James Bond Theme recorded in 1995.

Very soon I'll be working on another John Barry video, this time with Bond arriving in the Monte Carlo casino.


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    The first video is very nice. Absolutely perfect timing at 1:55 and 2:24. Coincidentally, the scene in The Specialist in which that music plays also involves a pen and a (near) explosion!

    Always loved your gunbarrel video. I enjoy Éric Serra's score but it would've been very cool to get an orchestral Barry intro in 1995, after six years of no Bond films.

    I find 007 a bit too lighthearted for the tank scene, especially that version from the Moviola with the high woodwinds instead of muted brass. The Bond theme in the second half fits better tonally, but the peaks and valleys of the scene, and the way its edited, make matching the images with a straightforward recording of the theme a little difficult. The music would need more editing, in my opinion.

    Nonetheless, all very interesting videos and definitely looking forward to more!
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    Re: Tank Chase

    A lot of action sequences in the latter half Bond films don't really call for lighthearted action music, but I do feel the tank chase is one of the few to warrant that, as there's no true suspense to the scene given that it's literally just Bond plowing through the streets with no signs of stopping. Even the actual music composed for that scene (Serra's rejected cue and Altman's replacement) are pretty lighthearted compared to other action cues, which is why I felt 007 fit well with the sequence, whereas it would be off putting in others.

    One Moviola cue I'm curious of seeing in a film is the OHMSS theme. I'm thinking of the ski chase in TWINE, as that film is loaded with OHMSS allusions, I wonder if it would play well with that tune. Might give it a try. Trouble is the Moviola is rather short, so it could only cover maybe half or less. This is why I used both the Bond and 007 theme for the tank chase, and even then had to cut out a huge section.
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