What else do you recommend?

My being here, I'm clearly drank the kool-aid. But obviously I like plenty of other films. I'd like to share my favorites and would really appreciate recommendations if you have them.

Here's the thing. My opinion is not typical. A lot of the movies I like are not considered great films. And honestly, I haven't seen a lot of the classics, like Gone with the Wind of The Godfather. I've found that I appreciate style and suspense. If you've seen the movies listed below, you'll recognize a trend I think. I love animated movies and anime, but I'm going to exclude them from this list

In no particular order.

Sorry to Bother You
Only Lovers Left Alive
Point Break
Black Snake Moan
Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies
The Man with the Golden Arms
Empire Records
The Hitcher
Jane Eyre (2011)
The Terminator
Kill Bill
Sucker Punch
Tron: Legacy
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Hot Fuzz
The Prestige
Inglorious Bastards
A Knight's Tale
Lady Bird
Speed Racer


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