Will Bloodstone ever get a sequel?

Some of you may have heard the rumors about a sequel being developed but later shelved....either way, wasn't the story of this game strong enough to deserve a sequel? It was the last game to feature DC's voice and it is said that he likes video games.

So one of the reasons why 007 Legends didn't turn out as well is because DC would have provided some provisional care to the development and final product had he been voicing it. Plus, Legends was just horribly disjointed and denied that the Bloodstone storyline ever existed.

Unfortunately the fact that this game was released at about the same time as another 007 game didn't help with sales.


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    I loved BS.
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    As much as i would love a sequel to Bloodstone, i don't really need one either.
    In my mind it sits perfectly in between QoS and SF. And the big baddie who is never revealed is either Silva or Waltz's Blofeld. I prefer to think it's the latter.
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    I myself enjoyed playing BS very much. It's one of the few Bond games that allowed PC gamers like myself a good time, unlike NightFire. Sadly, I don't think it was a very successful and profitable game, so I have serious doubts that it'll ever get a sequel. Perhaps in comics? I don't know. That market appears very fickle too.
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    You know it says something that I want a Bond game so bad I would take a sequel to 007 Legends lol
  • @Risico007 I share the laughter at your response but let's say Legends wasn't at all a sequel. It had no involvement from DC.

    Bloodstone felt like a movie on its own. The imagery of each scene was given lots of attention. From the shadows of the folding blinds in the Bahamas-style room where Bond receives a phone call, it felt like CR and QoS as opposed to the SF style imagery.

    Despite the poor sales, the quality of the games which involved DC including QoS helped keep fans in a community of sorts because they offered multi-player capabilities.

    The QoS video needed a better score or maybe David Arnold's involvement to help deepen the mood inside of Bond's character but overall, it wasn't bad. Just imagine how improved all the graphics would be in the future game consoles.
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    The remake of GoldenEye 007 and 007 Legends are two titles that I consider non-canonical very easily (well, Legends automatically has become one, anyway, thanks to Spectre) whereas Blood Stone was a damn good James Bond thriller the Craig era should've looked up to.

    I'd like a sequel. As Bruce Feirstein's story originally intended, the villain is not meant to be Silva or Blofeld, but rather an original media mogul or a banker. Having finished the game in its full form last weekend, I'm hungry for more. Have it separate from the general continuity of the era while not disputing the chronology built in Craig's tenure.

    But, as the question stands: Are we going to get a sequel? Most likely not. The concept of that sequel died the day Activision decided to drop the license for good. Actually, it died the day they decided to release the game alongside GoldenEye 007 the very same day because MGM went bankrupt and the plans were reshuffled.

    On a speculative note, we did hear from the villain in the game. Notice how many times Nicole's friend, a man named Rudolph is constantly mentioned? Personally, I think that's the villain. Provided them with a luxurious private jet (off-screen) and an Aston Martin as their Siberian transportation et al, described as a very rich man who's got six of the same car and doesn't care if one is wrecked, I'm inclined to believe that's the man who got Nicole pinned down and work for him. Such a shame we didn't get to see him. I'm sure the team planned on a big revelation sort of thing.

    All in all, Blood Stone is a damn fine James Bond experience. It's what the Daniel Craig era Bond films should have been like. No personal balderdash, just a professional 00-agent taking his mission objectively and professionally, going head to head with whatever comes in his way as a threat, and doesn't go blatantly rogue from MI-6.
  • @ClarkDevlin

    Among the things we want in a Bond game....we might not agree on everything BUT I think I can speak for all of us here:

    -It must have DC's involvement
    -It CAN be used as a way to welcome back Judi Dench as M and offer her a way to add story to the time between QoS and SF, perhaps even showing her character film some videos of herself in case she didn't make it soon, which can help SP. The game can even end with M giving a parting message of sorts to Bond.
    -Realism, both with graphics and with the action
    -Community multiplayer support and prolonged additions to the game to enhance experience for the players by adding a level or two until the next game comes out.
    -Continuity that doesn't give the middle finger to the films, although it won't mess with their timelines/canon as you mentioned @ClarkDevlin
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