Rate the Bond’s 2018

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I looked on google and nothing came up but I am sure there is a thread,maybe an old one, for this subject,there has to be ,but this is now topical ?

Anyway it’s 2018, just over a year until the next Bond flick which needs to be a good one once more .

Before this gets shut down ,name your Bond actors and why as of NOW ,right now ,today, and let’s chat and debate :

1)Moore (entertaining and so English and cool )
2)Connery (the original ,the perfect balance)
3)Brosnan (So rewatchable and my ‘go to’ Bond every time)
4)Craig ( was number 1 but too much emotion and too heavy ,Bond never exposed his weakness except over Tracy which is only natural x his future life was destroyed,his wife killed in front of him)
5)Dalton (wooden x better in the film I don’t like ,TLD ,n worse in the film I love ,LTK x needed a 3rd film )
6)Lazenby (great performance but only one film)


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