Your ultimate James Bond video game timeline

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We have one for the films and I figure it might be fun for the video games but time will tell if this is thread will work or not

My time line (split up by developer)

Goldeneye 1997
Tommorow Never Dies 1998 (n64 and ps1 a FPS with the same style as goldeneye)

The world is no enough 2000 (the only difference is the black jack level is in both the n64 and the ps1 game)
Beyond the ice 2001 ( the driving missions of 007 racing with a few on foot levels)
Agent Under Fire 2002 (game stays the same but is a bit more cinematic specifically a gunbarrel and malprave is either dropped or used differently also it’s Q not R)
Nightfire 2003 (no changes)
Everything or nothing 2004 (game stays the same)
From Russia with Love 2005 (game stays the same)
Casino Royale 2007 ( game is similar to the film and is similar to Splinter cell focusing on stealth and real world combat levels are similar to what we got in quantum with the following additions, a level will you play hold em poker, as well as a mini game. A car chase level trying to get to vesper and a level getting your 00)

Though it fairs well ea does give up the license

Acitivision era

Quantum of Solace 2008 ( based only on that game with levels in Haiti the plane chase the boat chase etc first and third person mix)
Goldeneye reloaded 2010 ( same game we got but it’s the only game released in 2010 for all consoles and it is a mix of first and third person)
Blood stone 2011 ( a few stealth levels thrown in and the ability to play cards in the game)
Skyfall the video game 2012 ( a full game based on the film but with dlc for licence to kill die another day and Goldfinger missions)
Colonel Sun 2014 (a game based on the first post Fleming novel staring Daniel Craig as James Bond 007)
Spectre 2015 ( a game based on the film)
On her majesties secret service 2016 ( with Craig in flux activision is allowed to use an older Bond Sean Connery comes back to finally give fans the chance to see him in On Her Majesties Secret Service)
Carte Blanche 2017 (with Craig still up in the air Michael Fassbender lends his likeness and voice to a reworking of this novel)
Licence Renwed 2018 ( with Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 based on the John Gardner novel)

That is mine what is yours


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    - GoldenEye (1997)
    - Tomorrow Never Dies (1998)

    - Bond 2000 (2000)
    - Agent UnderFire (2002)
    - Nightfire (2003)
    - Everything Or Nothing (2004)
    - From Russia With Love (2005)
    - The Spy Who Loved Me (2007)

    - The Secret Agent (2010)
    - OO7: Lost Years (2013)
    - Back In Business (2015)
    - GoldenEye: Reloaded (2017)
    - The Fate Of Spies (2019)
    - Untitled Upcoming Game (2024)
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    The thread works for me, but it's pretty much just in order of release innit. I mean, there's no real switching around due to continuity, and FRWL has enough hi-tech gear involved to keep it in 2005 rather than put it at the beginning.
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    Good picks and opinions to everyone!
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    I am shocked this has been resurrected and that I wasn’t sure Craig would come back in 2018 lol

    Overall there are some changes I would like to make and I will create a longer post later
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