James Bond Moonraker Concert 26th Jan 2019

rteublerrteubler Royal Tunbridge Wells
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Q The Music Show - James Bond Concert brings you the music of Moonraker with 100 Piece Orchestra.



  • barryt007barryt007 Stalking Kara Milovy with an elephant gun and a chainsaw.
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    I cant see anything on the link...where is the concert taking place ?
  • rteublerrteubler Royal Tunbridge Wells
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    The Wycombe Swan (in High Wycombe, Berkshire).
  • DragonpolDragonpol Schloss Drache ~ Writer/Director @ The Bondologist Blog
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    Tubular bells.
  • rteublerrteubler Royal Tunbridge Wells
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    It’s a crowdfunding event from these brilliant people.
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    So this has been cancelled. They didn't get anywhere close to their target.
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    What a pity. At least we still have the possibility of a release of the score courtesy of La-La Land.
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