The Best Bond actor 'Runner/mover'....

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Who has the best movement ,mainly running as Bond ,as all the actors have at one time or another:

For me ,running-wise it is Brosnan followed by Craig,Brosnan had a good running tech.

Lazenby was the best 'mover'...jackal like.

You ?


  • PropertyOfALadyPropertyOfALady High as the clouds
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    Running: Brozza
    Moving: Sean
  • DikkoHendersonDikkoHenderson None of your bloody business.
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    Broz is always good for a dash. His best running is TWINE "King! The money--!"
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!
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    Running and moving: Craig.

    Two reasons: consistently cool.

    Connery moved very well in DN and FRWL, but dropped much of the effort later on. Craig moves with elegance and cool, and runs with even more stamina, and little has changed between CR and SP. The man cares about these things and minds such physical details.
  • bondjamesbondjames You were expecting someone else?
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    I'd say Connery, particularly in the Young trilogy but also in YOLT. As with everything, he just makes it all look so easy. Effortless, like he's not even trying. That's half the trick with Bond.
  • peterpeter Toronto
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    Connery, both as a mover and a runner. So slick. So cool.

    In second would be Craig-- great physical actor (although Mendes pushed his natural prowess in SP).

    Third, George-- sometimes his lankiness looked a little "clumsy"-- however, that is also his charm in the role...

    I wasn't terribly impressed, physically, with Dalton or Brosnan, so they can fight it out for spots four and five.

    Last would be Moore (terrible runner/walker--- looked like he had flat feet and knobby knees that buckled)...
  • barryt007barryt007 Throwing Kara 'brain dead' Milovy off the top of a Ferris Wheel in Vienna
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    Brosnan ,especially in the press factory in TND and the Caviar factory in TWINE ran briiliantly for me
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    Well it's not Roger Moore (as much as I love him)! Guy Hamilton said he looked like he had a brush shaft up his rear when he was running! A good example of this is when he starts running in the Mrs Bell scene in LALD.

    I'd concur that Connery and Brosnan were very graceful runners on screen. Lazenby moved very well, too.
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