Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales - In Memoriam of August 31, 1997



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    Nobody's bashing her far as I can tell? They're just taking the piss out of that poem, and who can blame them.

    For what it's worth I'm firmly anti monarchy but she always seemed decent to me. Seemed like she did the best she could to give her kids a normal life. Or maybe I just like her because it seems like the Queen and the others didn't. Never really understood the hysteria around her death though. I get that celebrity deaths can have an effect on people, I mean I think we were all gutted when Roger Moore died, but it all seemed like an extremely over the top reaction for a public figure none of us knew.
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    I don't agree with everything in the article but it's good for thought.
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    My main interest nowadays in Princess Diana is from a purely Bondian perspective is that she was the target for assassination in John Gardner's Never Send Flowers (1993):

    I even had a thread on it years ago here.
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