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The waiting is over. James Bond 23 is in production. "Skyfall" is coming... MI6 Confidential attended the official press conference in London to gather the intel and soak up the atmosphere. As well as the 50th anniversary in 2012, "Skyfall" will mark the longest gap between 007 adventures without a change of actor in the leading role. Will the extra time crafting the script, organizing the crew, scouting the locations and assembling the cast pay off?

Rounding out Issue #12 of MI6 Confidential - the James Bond magazine - is an analysis of "The Spy Who Loved Me" script history, a look at the publicity hype of "Diamonds Are Forever" in the USA, and how Kingsley Amis' fascination with 007 lead to his one-off continuation novel 'Colonel Sun'.

• Bond With A Capital B - Complete coverage of the "Skyfall" press conference in London
• Skyfall Timeline - Tracking all the pre-production rumours and milestones
• Selling Diamonds - How marketing helped Bond re-conquer American audiences
• From SPECTRE To Stromberg - The evolution of "The Spy Who Loved Me" shooting script
• Bonding With Kingsley Amis - A look back at the author's career and fascination with 007
• The Genesis of Colonel Sun - How the first 007 continuation novel came about
• Agent Under Fire - A look back at the best-selling game 2001 game from Electronic Arts
• The Bond Connection - Designing the anti-Bond period piece "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"

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  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    Congrats on what I'm sure is another great issue, MI6!
  • quantumofsolacequantumofsolace England
    Posts: 279
    Ordered it without a moment's hesitation. Unmissable!
  • quantumofsolacequantumofsolace England
    Posts: 279
    "Now shipping"? I ordered a copy immediately on the 10th... and still no sign of it. Previous issues have arrived within two or three days. Is there a problem with this latest one?
  • MI6MI6 Administrator
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    Rest assured, it's on its way to you. Unfortunately the Royal Mail has closed its mailing service numerous times over the past two weeks which, combined with unprecedented demand for this issue, lead to delays and a bit of a backlog on the mailing.
  • How are these mailed out (packaging)? Can you put "Do Not Bend" on it? I would like to order but I have a PO Box and I'm afraid it's going to arrive all squished up.
  • quantumofsolacequantumofsolace England
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    Received Issue 12 today, thank you. With Craig The Magnificent smouldering away on the front cover, page after page of SF info, in-depth articles about the evolution of TSWLM's script, publicising DAF, Kingsley Amis' Bond books and plenty more I think this may well be the best issue yet! As always it's superbly crafted and lavishly illustrated from the first page to the last. It's quite simply THE must-have 007 publication. I'm eagerly awaiting Issue 13 already!
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