Bond Shooting Stances

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Each actor that has played Bond has their own stances to shooting - either in the gunbarrel, or generally in action sequences.

I wonder about Roger Moore - why did he seem to often have a shooting/firing stance, with his arm out to the side? This is seen frequently in action scenes, as well as in some of the opening titles sequences.


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    You mean why he always braces his firing arm? I suppose it's for stability, even though in his first gunbarrel he ends up firing off to the side. :P His second one has a good stance, though.

    He does like to use both his hands, which I've heard is safer and more professional, but I've personally only shot rifles, not pistols.
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    This deserves more informed comment, but another focus for firing a handgun is leaning forward to compensate for the discharge of the weapon. Different from some film poses leaning reverse or less than.
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    Roger Moore posed with his arm out to the side in promotional stills for Moonraker and Octopussy, among others. I can't provide any technical reason, but I can say it looks very cool!
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    The way he shoots at the buggies on the beach in FYEO seems legitimately professional. Moore likes to crouch and lean forward somewhat when he shoots, which is what you're supposed to do to my knowledge.

    Technically, the way he does it in the LALD and TMWTGG gunbarrels is correct (again, slight crouch and he grabs his arm for reinforcement), but I think it mostly looks weird because people tend not to reinforce their arms if they're turning to shoot, and also because Moore fires off-mark.

    I really like the more traditional two-handed shooting Moore displays in his second gunbarrel, in LALD with the Smith & Wesson, and in FYEO (buggy scene and also when he shoots Locque's car).

    For single-arm shooting, the scene with the train in OP after Orlov escapes is a good one. Of course, there's also his killing of Scaramanga in TMWTGG, which features his arm "out to the side" like the OP mentioned, which I think is just a matter of having balanced poise. Having his free arm just limp by his side would not be a very good position, nor would it look like one!
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    I really hope that for Daniel's final outing, his gunbarrel sequence will feature him sporting a classic black tuxedo with bowtie, rather than the traditional business suit he usually wears.
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