The Man Whose Father Inspired Ernst Blofeld, Retires.

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It probably doesn't deserve it's own thread, but all the same the great cricket commentator Henry Blofeld retires at the end of this summer.

Blofeld has always maintained that his father who went to school with Ian Fleming was the inspiration for the villain's name when Fleming came to write him into the Bond series. And all things considered, it's hard to argue against this as Fleming was never averse to pinching names from people in his past.

Henry Blofeld, for all cricket lovers is the voice of the sport on BBC radio.


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    Blowers really does have a terrific voice.
  • MrcogginsMrcoggins Following in the footsteps of Quentin Quigley.
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    One of my favourite things about the summer Henry on TMS, I will miss him.
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    He was always a unique presence and perfect to listen to test match cricket with his great anecdotes and quick wit. He was always a bit of a raconteur in the old English way.

    If he's blofeld's son does that mean his real name is Oberhauser or does this make him the equivalent of Scott Evil?
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    Oberhauser lmao
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    With a name like his no wonder Fleming used it for Bond's archenemy.
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    It was too tempting for him not to use. Scaramanga was another one he pinched from a fellow pupil.
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    Never heard of this one before. Makes sense.

    Drax was borrowed from another friend. I'm guessing this guys dad.

    Erno Goldfinger was a famous architect who built a modernist house near Fleming's in Hampstead. Fleming tried to stop it being built.

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    And Loelia Ponsonby was Ian Fleming s secretary while working for Kemsley Press.
  • How fortunate Fleming was to associate with so many people with fabulous names!
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