Did Nikki van der Zyl dub Carole Bouquet in For Your Eyes Only?

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I can't find any account of this, but did Nikki van der Zyl dub Carole Bouquet in For Your Eyes Only? Sounds very much like her, and it's clearly not Bouquet's voice.

Also, the IMDb tells us Van der Zyl dubbed Corinne Clery in Moonraker. I don't hear it, myself. I think the Moonraker voice is in a lower register.

This article in which Van der Zyl is interviewed reiterates the Moonraker credit, but that could be sourced from the IMDb, and the film is not discussed with her.


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    Nikki van der Zyl does not claim to have dubbed Carole Bouquet (see http://nikkivanderzyl.co.uk), and while I have the highest respect for Nikki and sympathize with her for her treatment by EoN, I'm sure she would have mentioned it if it were different.

    I have no doubt that she voiced Corinne Cléry. At least I don't hear any French accent there. Changing the register is called "acting", even for voice artists. If I didn't know better, I wouldn't have realised that Nikki voiced just about every actress in the early Bond films, either.
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    I had a major thread on here ,loads of pages long,but it was locked when i was in hiatus on not posting for about a year.
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    Since movies are generally dubbed in Germany and I am a fan of many voice actors, especially in the world of 007, I do not understand at all the form of hate Nikki experienced.

    The actresses she provided her voice for still portray the character, their name and visuals are what is associated with, for example, Jill Masterson, "The Golden Girl". So - who cares? And in many countries they are dubbed, anyway by others ...

    I don't get it - I never thought that steals "any thunder" of these actresses but enhanced the final movie.
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    Not sure as yet who dubbed Bouquet in FYEO, though Bouquet dubbed herself in the French version off the film.
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    Not sure as yet who dubbed Bouquet in FYEO, though Bouquet dubbed herself in the French version off the film.

    Because the French want to see the adventures of Britain's masterspy, played by a well-known English actor; yet they're afraid of hearing people speak English, so afraid in fact, that they even translated the title to "Rien que pour vos yeux"...
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    I've searched Google today in a vain attempt to discover who dubbed Carole Bouquet in FYEO. :-B
    Without success. :-??
    I don't think it's Nikki Van Der Zyl or it would be more widely known. Especially Ms. Van Der Zyl would likely make it known.
    Is it possible that it is Carole Bouquet and the dubbing is poorly lip synched in post production?
    Or maybe it's just another facet of the Bondiverse ™ that will need a lot more work to get the answer too.
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    Someone needs to create a long list of all the actors and actresses who've been dubbed in every film, including the person who did their voice of course. It's tedious but the fact that we don't even know who voiced Bouquet proves that we need to do it. Perhaps we could do it on the statistics page or even start another thread?
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    Whoever dubbed Bouquet did an abysmal job.
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    I did......its now locked.
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    jake24 wrote: »
    Whoever dubbed Bouquet did an abysmal job.

    Yeah, it's a pity they wouldn't use her actual voice. Would've been better imo.
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