Create a situation and then make a fitting pun

Pretty self-explainatory: create a situation Bond would be in, and then make the perfect pun Bond (or someone else) would say.


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    Bond knocks someone out with a bottle of alcohol;

    "That liquor went straight to his head."

    Upon receiving some sort of invisibility cloak (think Brosnan era), Bond sneaks into Moneypenny's office while she happens to be bent over filing some papers in a low filing cabinet drawer. He admires the view until the battery suddenly runs out on his cloak. MP turns with a start and says, "I hope you weren't doing anything inappropriate back there, James."

    Bond: "Oh Moneypenny, you can see right through me."
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    A car crash happens, James looks back and says 'Oh, so much carnage.'
  • Somebody is running their mouth off to Bond in a bathroom. He slugs the incessant talker, causing them to spin about and face-plant an open toilet.

    Bond: "Can it."
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    The names Jones. Thanksgiving Jones. No jokes, I've heard em all.

    Bond, later "Gobble gobble, turkey time."
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