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    It's a very cynical take and an unimaginative one.
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    Taron Egerton says 'Robin Hood: Origins' will be "grittier and darker" than previous film adaptations of the classic story.

    Oh good, because it's not like any other movies nowadays are dark and gritty. And of course the appeal of the Robin Hood story is because it's soooooooo dark and gritty. I bet moviegoers all over the world will delightedly shriek "A dark and gritty Robin Hood? How original! I was so sick of seeing Robin Hood films that had anything to do with the legend! Take my money at once!"
    Speaking to ScreenRant.com, Taron said: "I think it will be less self-reverential than the Robin Hoods that have come before...It's grittier, it's darker, it's a Robin Hood for the 21st Century.

    And all along I thought Robin Hood was a hero for the medieval centuries...
    "it's a real war movie"

    And therefore isn't a Robin Hood movie?
    "He's not a classic hero, he makes mistakes."

    Oooooh! Is he an angsty, conflicted antihero dealing with personal trauma. Because that is so uncommon!
    'Robin Hood: Origins' - which also stars Jamie Foxx as Little John, Eve Hewson as Maid Marian, Ben Mendelsohn as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlet, and Tim Minchin as Friar Tuck - is scheduled to be released on September 21, 2018.

    And will share the same fate as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, the previous Hollywood bastardization of a great legend by filmmakers who had utter contempt for it.

    Yes to every single word of you.
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    Is it only me or do they simply lack actors to take on legendary roles these days? Errol Flynn was not the greatest actor but he had plenty of charisma and screen presence so he played Robin Hood perfectly: larger than life, laughing in the face of danger yet determined and a credible leader of men. As of late they've been seriously lacking in the heroism department and not only Robin Hood.
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    Anyone seen the new Eggleton n Foxx Robin Hood ? It’s on Sky Store but I’ve heard it’s not that good.
    Thinking of watching it but thinking also ...not.
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    The issue with adapting Robin Hood (and King Arthur) :

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